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Aug 24

Charlotte – Bravely You

Which will you choose and which will you give up?
Who am I to make that decision?
It’s already been decided which will be chosen
Are you sure? I ask the gods
I wasn’t alone – You’ve always been by my side
I reach out my hand
There’s nothing to be afraid of
Even if we become monsters, we’ll make it to the end

Mar 31

AIR – Natsukage

You enclosed in your hands
A portion of the blue sky for the two of us
I bound in my hands
Grass that smelled of sunshine

Backs to the wind, we took off running
We aimed for that big sky

Nov 18

Kokoro Connect – I Scream Chocolatl

Whenever I stuff my painful wounds into my mouth again
My jealousy, passion, coldness, light, rejection, and hope
All intertwine and I can do thing about it
I scream

My melting, sweet, black emotions are chocolatl
My ideals have already burned up completely!
The “coward” ringing in my ears won’t stop
Find me, who is overflowing

Nov 17

KEY Sounds Label – Shiawase ni Naru Ban

So many things have happened this many number of seasons
No matter how down we are, I want you to watch us
A voice comes from far away, so I will be fine now
This time, that’s right, it’s your turn to be happy

Nov 10

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Hanabi

You always loved nothing but boring things
The increasing number of cats you gathered was worrisome
This time, it’s my turn to smile for you
This time, it’s my turn to take you to that summer

Aug 09

AIR – Tori no Uta

We watched as the contrails disappeared
They were so dazzling, I fled – I was always so weak
Unchanging from that day
Frustrated that I could not stay unchanged forever
I let go of your fingers in frustration

Mar 03

Little Busters! – Saya’s Song

The fever of my heart was gradually taken
By a coldness that was like snow

I knew everything, I lost everything
But that’s okay,
Because that’s what came from trying to grasp something

Apr 06

Angel Beats! – My Soul, Your Beats!

Because I felt like I sensed it
Just now, in my heart that has begun to tremble
I felt it come again
Some hundred million stars vanishing
I saw them off
Waved goodbye
And said, “Good for you”

Feb 16

CLANNAD – Toki wo Kizamu Uta

You were the only one, the only one
I loved
My sight is blurred by the wind
And you become distant

Forever, I’ll remember
Even if everything changes
There’s this one thing, this one thing
It’s pretty mundane, but
I’ll show you this one thing, full of light
And I’ll protect it forever, forever

Jan 02

School Rumble – Girls Can Rock

So we gotta wake up! Wake up! Who you are!
We gotta wake up! Wake up! Your true soul…
You know we shake up! Shake up! How you feel
We’re getting together for special reason
Now you know GIRLS CAN ROCK!

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