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Nov 20

Clannad – fortune card

The horoscope for Virgo this morning
Said, “Be proactive!”

Maybe this is my chance, a maiden’s inspiration
Tiptoe onward!

Aug 09

CLANNAD – Mag Mell

When we saw the tiny future
Inside of our hands joined together
They flickered inside the light
Your words, your feelings, everything

Until they reach you, far away
I’ll surely convey them without leaving anything out

Jul 18

CLANNAD – Chiisa na Tenohira

Inside of her tiny hand is a strength that will one day surpass our own
We walked on since the day we cried beneath the ripened grapes
Her hand is small, but even if we’re separated, we’ll walk down this road
And there will come a day, someday,
Where we put away our best memories

Aug 10

CLANNAD – Onaji Takami

If I made the final shot
Would you be surprised?
I’d dedicate it to you
As evidence of today

I’m still torn apart on one side
But without realizing it, I’d set that goal
Like a child

Aug 10

CLANNAD – Tooi Tabi no Kioku

A shadow that rose to the water’s surface
A vividly colored sky

The atmosphere drifts
To the ends of silence

White scenery, memories of ancient times
For now, they just
Pile into heaps of wishes
Even this sunken world shines

Aug 10

CLANNAD – Uminari

I heard the sound of the sea, what sorts of things shall we talk about?
In the short time before you close your eyes
The bravery that flows without even a shadow left behind
Will it be connected to those irreplaceable memories someday?

May 24

CLANNAD – Shoujo no Gensou

The flying bird twirls
The flying bird descends
On an ancient path

Suspended on the wind
Fragrant in the wind
In an imaginary sky

On a day of racing emotions, you vanish

May 24


Two o’clock passed and we were still lost
How far will we walk? To the distant place we saw in our dreams
Even in this town where nothing is new
The unfamiliar scenery increases

May 24

CLANNAD – Negai ga Kanau Basho

And so I forgot yet another thing
Springs mornings where flowers blew around
The sky as seen through a broken prism
Just wanting to touch them, just wanting to wish for them

May 24

CLANNAD – Kaze no Shoujo

If you accept, it’s final
She’ll never take it back
She leaves like the wind
Hasn’t she forgotten something important?

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