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Dec 13

Love Live! School Idol Festival – Jingle Bells ni Tomaranai

Who do you want to see? If you want to spend the day together,
Let’s invite everyone – “Let’s have fun dancing!”
Hold onto me while we romp around
I wish you a Merry merry Christmas (Woo-hoo!)
C’mon, I want everyone to mark their calandars for that night
The jingle bells will never stop

Dec 13

Love Live! School Idol Festival – Seinaru Hi no Inori

Holy night, it’s a holy day, and yet
My heart is trembling
Being all alone is making me feel lonely
Holy night, words of prayer
Suddenly came spilling out of me
I pray for happiness, with you

Nov 29

Love Live! Sunshine – My Mai * TONIGHT

Dance, dance, weren’t people born in order to become passionate?
Dance, dance, I’m sure that’s the case
So let’s dream and dance

My Dance * TONIGHT (DANCING TONIGHT) let’s make today
My Dance * TONIGHT (DANCING TONIGHT) the very best today!

Nov 29

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Shoujo Ijou no Koi ga Shitai

Look at me, really look at me – I don’t care if I get hurt
Just making small talk is so boring
Because, I want to get to know you better!
Don’t brush me off, you’ve lit in my eyes
A passion I’ve never known before (That I want to yearn for)
Embrace me, embrace me, I want to love in a way beyond that of a young girl’s

Nov 22

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Yuuki wa Doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni!

We’ll chase after them as many times as it takes – don’t lose!
Everyone makes mistakes
Our dreams won’t fade, our dreams won’t fade
We’ll chase after them as many times as it takes – don’t lose!
Because today is just today, and because when we wake up it’ll be a new morning
Oh, the sun is smiling at us!

Oct 30

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare

Having grasped onto something, (I never dreamed there would be so many)
There’s something I will not give up
O feelings, become one
No matter where we are, we’ll believe in the same tomorrow

Wow wow, Always, as they are, our hearts
Wow wow, Always will become one

Oct 26

Love Live! Sunshine!! – INNOCENT BIRD

Open Eyes, it’s about time for me to wake up
Soon you’ll see my break through this shell
Open Eyes, I’m a coward, but I want to fly
But you see, I’m trembling, INNOCENT

Love me, say yes? Say yes!

Oct 26

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Galaxy HidE and SEeK

I can hear a voice saying, “here I am!”
Please use that kind voice to guide me
That alone seems to make me
Able to love this planet so much
Let’s hurry up and meet
I’m calling, calling you

Oct 24

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo

What should we do about the future!?
Everyone is, ah, searching for the shape of their dreams – everyone!
Let’s shoot toward everyone’s expectations !!
we want to live with this kind of enthusiasm, whether we’re laughing or crying
I’m positive that our future selves have the answer
So run through to the future with all you’ve got, seize your chance,
And let’s become a sparkling wind, We got dream

Sep 12

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Kimeta yo Hand in Hand

Change, change! From today into a brand new world
Change, change! I’ll cheerfully push you forward
Since we’re together, I won’t if we can fly?
So, don’t hesitate
I don’t want to give up now
I’ve made my decision! Where shall we go from here?
Let’s go, hand in hand!

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