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May 30

Dragonball Kai – Dragon Soul

Dokkan Dokkan tsuiteru!
Dokkan Dokkan chansu sa
Rakkii no kaze ni byunbyun notte

Dokkan Dokkan tsuiteru!
Dokkan Dokkan ashita mo
Kotae wo mou tamashii wa shiteru no sa Dragon Soul!

Jul 29

Dragonball Z – Detekoi Tobikiri ZENKAI Power

It comes running, an apple-colored monster
It comes flying, a nut-scented alien
They meet and their hearts pound
The sparkly universe is a popcorn shower

Jul 29

Dragonball Z – Kiseki no Big Fight!

An amazing Big fight! The earth is being scorched
Big fight! Fists that breathe flame
Two aren’t enough in my life
That’s right, Big fight! My body is a missile
Big fight! My heart is a jewel
Glittering infinitely with love…Dragonball!

Jan 19

Dragonball Z – Bokutachi wa Tenshi Datta (English Version)

To my friends,
We may have lost our wings with which we flew up so high
But now, even now, I can feel your true mystical tide
To my friends,
Embracing the light and building hopes for the truth and our dreams
Listen, one day you’ll find what you’ve been searching
for in your life

Jan 19

Dragonball Z – We Gotta Power! (English Version)

No-Ten, P-Kan
I can feel the sky so blue
I’m so down right, see that I’m so cool
Playing them all, trouble calls
Don’t you know, I take them all
We gotta power, Dragon Ball Z

Jan 19

Dragonball Z – CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (English Version)

Chala Head Chala
No matter, if ever anything could happen
Nothing can stop me now
Chala Head Chala Oh, my heart just keep sparking up
Like a ball of flame
Oh yes, it make me fired up, sparking

Jan 14

Dragonball – Romantikku Ageru Yo

Coming out of fantasy, a lovely mystery
Don’t hide your youth
I want a mystery, I want an adventure
Everyone is itching for one

Jan 02

Dragonball Z – CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA

No matter what happens, it’ll be fine!
No matter how hard your chest claps
The Genki Dama will boom… Sparking

Jan 02

Dragonball Z – Bokutachi wa Tenshi Datta

To my friends, Though you’ve lost the wings on your back
A miraculous strength still remains
To my friends, Let’s embrace the light and see our dreams!
Look! A rainbow forms in your eyes!

Jan 02

Dragonball Z – Ai wa Ballad no You ni

This tiny planet
I’d risk my life for it and protect it to the end
Everytime I saw your figure
I thought, ‘what an idiot’