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Dec 25

Kud Wafter – Hoshikuzu

We are watching over, even now,
Because we are there in a future beyond where we see
We gaze at the tiny bits of stardust in space
We take off flying for the future in our hands

Reach the future with your wings

Nov 30

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Namidairo no Tsubasa

The wings I received from you are tear-colored wings
They might be fickle or weak but they will never break

Cross over the green hill, break through the silver clouds
I have no limits because I am living in the sky of this world

Nov 24

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Mezameta Asa ni wa Kimi ga Tonari ni

When you were running the bases
There was shallow fly ball
You see it and suddenly stop in your tracks

Why is it that after that one thing
You can’t get a hit anymore?
I had thought it was strange

Nov 20

Little Busters! – Jupinyaa

The cat walked until he reached a sunny spot
When he made it there, he laid down
What made him do that?
There must be some meaning only to him

Nov 16

Little Busters! – Mission: Love Sniper

I heard about a shady cat bar on the outskirts of town
There seemed to be a dancing cat as beautiful as Monroe
The cats love everyone
They’ll smash things up again today
C’mon, it’s my turn
Everyone, say it… Love sniper

Nov 10

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Hanabi

You always loved nothing but boring things
The increasing number of cats you gathered was worrisome
This time, it’s my turn to smile for you
This time, it’s my turn to take you to that summer

Nov 07

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Kimi to no Nakushi Mono

The things we lost, the important things, us, who are unprotected
I’m praying that someday the shadow of your smile will become sunny
Time goes on, the end of today comes along as any other
I say, “See you later” to your back as you walk away,
But the truth is, there is no “later”

Nov 03

Little Busters – Rin no Hisoka na Koi no Uta

It’d be nice to always be cozy like this
It’d be even nicer to always have good weather
But something is crying out
It began wandering around
Its tail is standing up, too
It’s about that time, gotta get up
Brush with my bread and eat my toothbrush
No, other way around! Even one of my shoes disappeared

Oct 20

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – Boys Be Smile

Being alone is lonely
So we just hold hands
By doing that
We remain children forever
I wanted you to know, no matter what
The hands connected to each other
Are now coming apart
One by one, they are disappearing
Into the awakening morning
Run after them quickly

Aug 09

Little Busters! – raison

Your gaze said that you believed
The world is very pretty and kind
You, who calls out my name, believed
“I can endure this, for the promise we made that day!”
That is the sole reason I am here

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