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Sep 12

K-ON! – Humming Bird

If there is a miracle shining in light, beyond the excitement
I’ll challenge it boldly- every day is a tiny, grand adventure
When I spread my wings, I take a deep breath and then just believe
I can surely go farther away into the sky

Jun 02

K-ON! – Sweet Bitter Beauty Song

You’re a teenager burdened with sensibility, but your heart beats so quickly
You’re afraid it’ll burst out of your chest

But aren’t we on the same stage?
Just that makes your courage boil, doesn’t it?
Whether it’s a low tone or high tone,
Everyone wants to be Singing so Loud, with a voice of triumph

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Unmei wa Endless!!

Hey, can this fortuitous encounter be called fate?
The answer is a smile and a full power session
We met by chance without passing each other by, it’s rather amazing
So if our pitches don’t match perfectly… that’s okay!! There!!

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Singing!

Let’s go even without a road
The notes we let go are our map!
The beats pound out an oath in our hearts
Yes, We Go! Yes, We Play!

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Ohayou, Mata Ashita

We don’t know! but you know, I’m sure
From here on out is the same as it’s been up till now
The first iteration
Crying, laughing, always
Playing new songs

Jan 26

K-ON!! – Junjou Bomber!

Shake shake!! Shaking my head
I play a jazzy number after school
Happy happy!! When I pick up the rhythm,
my body & soul, and even my hair cannot be tamed
I explode! It’s too much fun!
Resound, fair maiden’s embraced hopes and pure-heartedness

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Ichiban Ippai

So, let’s go search for and meet our number one (Let’s go)
School – sound – song – tea – dessert
Even the hundredth number one is number one
A full heart, a full tummy (is happiness)
To satisfaction, together… we grin

There isn’t just one number one

Jan 26

K-ON!! – Drumming Shining My Life

*Thwack* *Bash*, I won’t stop!
*Pound*! This is my
Way of life – way of living – way of pleasure
I can’t go on little by little, I can’t pay attention to little details
Just let my hits and kicks resound, my life

Jul 18

K-ON!! – Samidare 20 love

Raindrops begin to fall, how pretty they are
Like dropplets of soda water come to stop the town’s yawning

I count three droplets and catch a big one on my forehead
The rain speaks to me

Jul 06

K-ON!! – Diary wa Fortissimo

Jumping, my fingertips don’t stop jumping atop the keyboard
Dancing, Like it is imitating a dancing heartbeat

I want to spell out my feelings in musical notes
So I take yet another word
“Thank you” “I’m so happy” “I love you”
I write in the largest fortissimo font

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