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Jul 07

Bleach – Shoujo S

To be able to say I don’t, don’t, don’t want you to go is selfish of me
(So you’ll never go, so you won’t have to go)
Love? Friendship? Either way, I want to know
(You’re being too vague for me to understand)
I’m waiting for you to knock on the door inside my heart one day

Feb 16

Bleach – Sakurabito

If we can be born again, let’s meet underneath the cherry tree
And walk together in this season that we longed for
In the pridefully distant sky, on a nameless wind
I sent to you uncolored flowers from the bottom of my heart

Jul 25

Bleach – Life

When I leave for a place where the sun shines, with open arms
I think, “I wonder if I could cross the sky?”

I still can’t see my wings for flying
Because I can’t just go on, I continue to live

Jul 25

Bleach – Movin!!

Warattetai kara!
Warattetai kara!

May 30

Bleach – Suigintou no Yoru

The light of a mercury lamp surfaces on the night street
Blurs, somehow, though there are no tears

My black shadow, hidden by the night street
Moves swiftly, somehow, though there is no compassion

May 30

Bleach – Quincy no Hokori ni Kakete

By my pride as a Quincy
I detest Soul Reapers
How about a match? You or me –
Which will surpass the other?
Before a Soul Reaper
I must prove my power
I will make you understand
By my pride as a Quincy

May 30

Bleach – Houkiboshi

If I somehow became a comet
I’d run and fly across the sky
No matter what sort of tomorrow comes, this feeling is strong
So this comet will absolutely never break

Jul 12

Bleach – My Pace

Hitotsu! Kazoete susumeba ii,
Futatsu! Kazoete yasumeba ii,
Mittsu! Kazoete kangaerya ii,
Mai peesu de susumereba ii

Oct 01

Bleach – Life is Like a Boat

Far away, I’m breathing, as if I were transparent
It would seem I was in the dark, but I was only blindfolded

I give a prayer as I wait for the new day
Shining vividly up to the edge of that sea