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Sep 13

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Sayonara Moontown

Even though I know it’s just a fleeting dream,
I want to live with someone else
Even though I know the pain of loss,
I long for someone

Farewell, farewell

Jul 18

Sakura Quest – Freesia

I described the feelings one day back then,
And became someone who could believe in theirself
And now it has come to feel completely natural
I will feel this support and bits of warmth
while next to you, one of these days
Because this is the place I say, “I’m home!”

Jan 10

Persona 4 Golden The Animation – Dazzling Smile

If I tell
you show me how to love?
I’ll show you how to live
There’s an awkward distance between us
I gazed up at your dazzling smile
Dyed the color of cherry blossoms

Jan 06

Yuri!!! On Ice – You Only Live Once

You’re so beautiful.
Tonight, I’m so fascinated by you
Even the hourglass stops
Take my breath away
“I was born to shine”
Your struggles told me, all the while shining

Jan 06

Hetalia The World Twinkle – Hetalian Jet

To a new encounter – bravo! Bravo!
Our worlds are one – The World Twinkle Hetalia
Following a shooting star, ciao! Ciao!
I paint a picture in the sky, Hetalian*Jet
Andare! Andare! …If you feel like it

Jan 06

Hibike! Euphonium – Vivace!

Vivace! Sing! Above the staff
Vivace! Sound! Forever
Vivace! Sing! With my voice now
Vivace! Sound! In a distant spring

Dec 20

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – Aurora Days

Hey, don’t forget
If you look back, in the distance
The day we met here, nostalgia…
The feelings come rushing back

The days have stacked up since
Time is rather like magic
The future becomes the present, the past,
And then becomes a memory

Oct 07

Rewrite – Word of Dawn

I search for your voice while walking a road of illusions
To learn the origins of this planet, and that is all
Though a bitter taste remains in my mouth, it will become memories of the key
To you, who I will meet someday, at last, with a smile

I heard voices close to me; warm, yet sorrowful voices

Sep 02

Gyakuten Saiban – Jun’ai Chaos

These aren’t tears
They’re a labyrinth that leads to the future
No matter how lost you get
You have no choice but to find the exit

That’s not light
It’s all the chaos of pure love
Shadows are coming to life
Will you embrace my heart?

Aug 02

Rewrite Harvest Festa! – Sasayaka na Hajimari

In worlds that overlap over and over, entrust your body to the passage of time
Let’s always continue walking ahead together

I won’t mind if it’s just something small – I won’t wish for something like eternity
Certainly, the fact that we are here now
Is happiness

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