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Sep 24

NANA – Kuroi Namida

Black tears flow
Inside of me there is nothing; there’s too much sadness
I can’t even turn it into words
My body is exuding pain
And I can’t withstand it all on my own

Aug 10


Baby I’m standing alone, It’s an unforgettable Rainy Day
I chase after your shadow and it’s over, like sand through my fingers

I sigh every night, I scream like a child and cried
Sorrow drifts over me quietly, Please, please, God,
Forgive me of my sins

Aug 10

NANA – Wish

Baby, this world is different from yesterday
I can see no one but you
Baby, my wish on a wing
Splits open the sky
From just a single, overflowing word

Aug 10

NANA – rose

When I was darkness at that time, with trembling lips
I cry in the corner of my room
The more I struggle, the more these wounds pierce into me
Our broken promises hurt me

Nobody can save me
God, I have one request
Stop tearing apart my love