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Jan 26

Gundam Wing – Tatoe Kimi ga Hohoendemo

Even though you smile
The wind abandons peace and dances
on the way to a tomorrow without shadow or light
Where hatred and loneliness cross

Jan 26

Gundam Wing – I’m your friend

When they’re all alone
Everyone is half of themselves

Fun things and delicious things
It’s almost strange how boring they are

I started forgetting important things
Let’s summon our courage and let’s go out
Together, I’ll be your friend

Sep 30

Gundam Wing – It’s So All Right!

It’s so all right!
May be too right!
A smiling goddess, “come to the light!”
It’s so all right
May be too right!
Hey you! Hey you! You have to
make your own chances appear

Jun 20

Gundam Wing – Good Luck & Good Bye

Someday we’ll meet again in the dreams you’re searching for
I see your back, oposing the wind, becoming distant,

Mar 22

Gundam Wing – Shinjitsu wo Tsukamitore

Even if I’m hurt I’ll just fight on to the ends of the earth
I would grasp it only if I believe in it, if I was searching for it
If I can question it, if I can question it, and it still doesn’t collapse
That… is justice

Mar 03

Gundam Wing – Cry For the Dream

Things like ordinary heroes
don’t suit me at all
I can’t stand them

Sugary things like friendship
are so boring they put me to sleep, it has to be a joke