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Jan 26

Working!! – SUGAR & SPICE

Even if you sometimes try to seek
An everyday life that seems as sweet as sugar
A little spice is much more effective
to liven up a little
rainy days

Jan 26

Working’!! – Itsumo no You ni LOVE&PEACE!!

My plan to sneak a look at you
Is to do so with an upward glance
Like a shinobi hiding in the cracks
I do all sorts of things, but

Let’s carry on acting as usual
‘Cause the distance we’re at now is still pretty good

Aug 10

Working!! – Heart no Edge ni Idoumou Go to Heart Edge

I’ll challenge at the edge of my heart
And gaze fixedly at only my feelings
It might come anytime at random
So it’s best to wait for your chance!
I’ll flip over the ace of my heart
And gaze fixedly on my willpower
I’ll search for the image
Of the shape of love’s silhouette