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Jan 10

Norn9 – many universes

Since long ago, I’ve contemplated
The future that was next to me
What can I say,
What can I do,
To protect you
Until the end of time?

Sep 02

Norn9 – Michibiki no Hoshi

At the end the of the roads we head down that never cross
Our hearts missed each other and yet attracted
Reflected in your frank, shining eyes
Was a strength no one could scratch
So much so it was dazzling

Jul 21

Norn9 – Jiyuu na Sora e

The sparkling world beyond my window
Was like the feelings you gave me
Amidst the scenery that was the same as always
You were reflected beautifully in the sky I never knew

Jul 21

Norn9 – Ningyou wa Chou no Yume wo Miru no ka?

I see you through these lenses
I want to embrace only you
I’ll invite you to the darkness
If you wander into it, you’ll forget everything –
This is a world where words are needless

That right, dolls do not dream