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Mar 18

Love Live! School Idol Project – Storm in Lover

The Summer I want to see you, this Summer
Is a single story of you and I
So don’t run away, don’t be afraid
When we gaze at each other, Storm in Lover

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – ? ←HEARTBEAT

We don’t even have time to spare to be thankful
We’re still surprised, a ?←HEARTBEAT
Surely this happiness came too suddenly
We can’t manage to move forward from the question mark
So, what do we do?

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – Diamond Princess no Yuuutsu

A beautiful girl swaying dreamily
Is something that should only happen in movies
That’s something no one understands
Go away! I won’t say “protect me,” or anything like that
Instead of being something delicate and fragile,
I want to melt passionately, passionately
Are you up to the challenge?

Oct 11

Love Live! School Idol Project – Psychic Fire

PSYCHIC FIRE, every, everyone GO! (Woo-hoo!)
The inside of my head is PICA-PICARESQUE (woo~woo~woo~woo)
I want a dangerous love (Woo-woo!) light the fire of my heart (Ah~hi!hi!hi!hi)
I’m calling out to you – I want you and I to be connected now… if you’d just notice

Mar 16

Love Live School Idol Project – Sakkaku Crossroads

Rather than your words, I believed in the heat when I touched your back
So why did you say goodbye so curtly?
I thought I knew you better than anyone else
But was that merely an illusion?
That’s right… I want to go back… to how we were that day…

Feb 18

Love Live School Idol Festival – Love Novels

I pray, ya know
I cry, ya know (please!)
My love is unful-fulfilled (un?)
It’s a side story instead of the main (hey, hey)
Please fix your habbit of getting ahead (come here)
I’m all flustered, you know
I cry, you know (stop already~)
My love can be ful-ful-ful-filled?
The conclusion is… I like you, so try to like me (smooch)

Jan 11

Love Live School Idol Project – soldier game

Who am I? You wanted to know?
Maybe it’s love, then
Considering that there are secrets within me
What will you do about it?
It’s a soldier game
I wonder if you’ll ask about it when we meet again?

Dec 31

Love Live School Idol Project – Saitei de Saikou no Paradiso

I want to try to win tonight’s adventure with dangerous rules
It’s the greatest and worst premonition of us coming together
Paradiso!! Tonight’s adventure is a sudden Fantasy with dangerous rules
Maybe it’s become love, maybe it has
It’d be nice if it has… I won’t let you say that

Jul 28

Love Live School Idol Project – Trouble Busters!

Shall we laugh (Hey!) with all our might? (Hey!)
Nothing to it, not this much! (Ah, so!)
Shall we laugh (Hey!) with all our might? (Hey!)
Nothing to it, so smile! (Niko!)
Hey, (Hey!) If you pretend to be cheering up (I love solitude)
Before you know it, a Niko-Niko smile will burst out! (Niko!)

Jul 28

Love Live School Idol Project – Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan

Even though it’d be wonderful if the footstep approaching me were yours
I know, I know I’m wrong, but
I have this feeling, like we’re walking close to one another
I hope that, I hope that you’ll receive it

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