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Apr 30

Card Captor Sakura – Nishi Kaze no Kaeri Michi

With a blue sky and rollerblades
Is a never-ending story
On the western wind’s way home
I am doing fine today, too

Apr 30

Card Captor Sakura – Koko ni Kite

Close your eyes, gazing deep inside your heart
Who do you wait for?
From beyond the horizon
I can hear a voice calling to me
“Come here”

Apr 30

Card Captor Sakura – Hitotsu Dake

Your courage, your kindness
Hey, I’m sure they’re here with me now
Please accept these overflowing tears

Water, wind, the sun, the earth,
the moon, the stars, I’ll wrap them all up for you

Oct 23

Card Captor Sakura – Yasashisa no Tane

When I am lonely, I search for warmth
I follow my precious memories into the distance

A mother, holding her beloved child in her arms
Sings a lullaby in the sunlight

Dec 19

Card Captor Sakura – Prism

A pocket full of angels dancing
It’s a message telling me to believe in myself

Full of beauty, dancing back and fourth
It’s a present from the sky for my persistent heart

Nov 07

Card Captor Sakura – Kimi ni Ita Scene

still don’t understand the meaning* of “eternity”, but
But the instant it changes to memories something new begins

Even now I dream of you sometimes
A gentle shower of stars in the evening

You turned towards me and were saying something
Your shadow disappearing in the morning light

Nov 07

Card Captor Sakura – Jitensha ni Notte

Riding your
Newly bought bicycle
I run
La-la-la along side the river with you
As soon as we get to the green park
We take out the camera, get in a friendly pose
And take a commemorative photo

Nov 07

Card Captor Sakura – Platinum

I’m a dreamer with hidden power

My world
Is made of dreams, love and anxiety
But there are certainly things there you can’t even imagine

Nov 07

Card Captor Sakura – Catch You, Catch Me

Hey, Catch You Catch You Catch Me Catch Me, wait up!
Look at me and tell me you love me
That’s right, it’s Nice to Meet You, Good to See You, I’m sure
My feelings will fly, fly, fly into your heart!
They won’t go astray