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Jan 12

Pile – P.S. Arigatou…

Reach now, my voice is my genuine words
Because you were here, I was able to make it this far
I’ll smile until graduation
So please promise me that you’ll kindly watch over me
PS… I truly thank you

Jan 12

Pile – Black Butterfly

Being able to meet you changed my world
Now I soar like a black butterfly
I want to meet you with a smile beyond this endless dream
So I’ll become a little stronger and surpass my limits
Watch over me until the end, until the day I can draw with my wings
Because I can’t take flight into this long journey alone

Jan 11


Come, take flight – your wings (seriousness) are a miracle power
Strong enough to break through the earth’s atmosphere
Break through,
In this airspace known as limited time,
Your goal
Is always > NEXT WORLD >

Jan 11

Pile – Densetsu no FLARE

We will become a meteor shower – become a blue star
And once again, change into a hope called “the future”
Because someday, our history will become culture,
Guide us
Until we become 1, across 10 billion eras

Jan 11

Pile – Furuwasete

Ohh Let’s Play
Dance, Dance, Dance, make my heart shake
Dance, Dance, Dance right now, I wonder if you’ve cast a spell on me
(sweet kiss)
Dance, Dance, Dance, I long for a love that I can call love
Headed for an island called eternity, the bird had a dream
Grant my wish, rai rai La rai rai rai
Lie? Grant my wish, rai rai La rai rai rai rai ra rai

Dec 09

World Trigger – Dream Trigger

I looked at all of the stars in the sky, drew my dream,
And realizing my heart was racing
Here and now, I’ll announce our creation story (beginning): our story
Let’s wish on a shooting star
For it to be heard everywhere, and for this feeling to never disappear

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – Diamond Princess no Yuuutsu

A beautiful girl swaying dreamily
Is something that should only happen in movies
That’s something no one understands
Go away! I won’t say “protect me,” or anything like that
Instead of being something delicate and fragile,
I want to melt passionately, passionately
Are you up to the challenge?

Oct 11

Love Live! School Idol Project – Psychic Fire

PSYCHIC FIRE, every, everyone GO! (Woo-hoo!)
The inside of my head is PICA-PICARESQUE (woo~woo~woo~woo)
I want a dangerous love (Woo-woo!) light the fire of my heart (Ah~hi!hi!hi!hi)
I’m calling out to you – I want you and I to be connected now… if you’d just notice

Mar 16

Love Live School Idol Project – Sakkaku Crossroads

Rather than your words, I believed in the heat when I touched your back
So why did you say goodbye so curtly?
I thought I knew you better than anyone else
But was that merely an illusion?
That’s right… I want to go back… to how we were that day…

Feb 18

Love Live School Idol Festival – Love Novels

I pray, ya know
I cry, ya know (please!)
My love is unful-fulfilled (un?)
It’s a side story instead of the main (hey, hey)
Please fix your habbit of getting ahead (come here)
I’m all flustered, you know
I cry, you know (stop already~)
My love can be ful-ful-ful-filled?
The conclusion is… I like you, so try to like me (smooch)

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