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Aug 08

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Jimo Ai Mantan Summer Life

We’ll spend our summer together here
The voice of the waves ebbs and flows in a vacation-like mood
I want to hear it together – shall we, at your leisure?
We have to take some breathers every once in a while
Let’s chat while walking on the crunchy sand
See? Summer life is the pride of our hometown

Jun 21

Guilty Kiss – Shadow gate to love

My shadow is eager to devour your dreams
Go ahead and fall in love
I’ve set a trap inside your sigh
It seems to be working – you’ve gone numb, haven’t you?

Jun 21

Guilty Kiss – Kowareyasuki

Come now, show all of your grief only to me
I love you and how you overthink everything
Because you’re the complete opposite of me

Fragilove, don’t let this fleeting love break
I’ll always protect you, hold you

Mar 24

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Guilty Eyes Fever

shut down, to a world for just the two of us
Where we don’t need anyone else
I want you to tell me you love me
I’m being honest
Look into my eyes (love with fever)
Let me love you strongly (Guilty fever)

Jun 09

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss

“Guilty Kiss” One night, like a dream
“Guilty Kiss” Let’s dance all night
“Guilty Kiss” Everything will pass us by, that’s why it’s so pretty
“Guilty Kiss” One night, like a dream
“Guilty Kiss” Let’s dance all night
“Guilty Kiss” After everything passes by us, we’ll Fall in love…yes!!

Jun 09

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Strawberry Trapper

I won’t wait… LOVE!!

I found you!
Your eyes were so lonely
Your heart is pounding, saying, “take hold of me”
I enjoy the heat so much it clears my head
Pin down those swelling feelings