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Nov 24

Kokoro Connect – Salvage

Everything Randomize
Because I am doubtful, I cannot run away
I swallow the pain in my heart; salvage the bitter weakness

Everything Randomize
While drowning in a sea of irrationality
With an outstretched hand, can I determine
The “someday” I left behind?

Nov 22

Kokoro Connect – Kimi Rhythm

Your voice bounces on the wind to the revolving rhythm of everyday life
The unexpected expression you make is dazzling

How long has it been since I remembered that commotion?
What waits for me ahead where I am gazing?

Nov 18

Kokoro Connect – I Scream Chocolatl

Whenever I stuff my painful wounds into my mouth again
My jealousy, passion, coldness, light, rejection, and hope
All intertwine and I can do thing about it
I scream

My melting, sweet, black emotions are chocolatl
My ideals have already burned up completely!
The “coward” ringing in my ears won’t stop
Find me, who is overflowing

Nov 13

Kokoro Connect – Cry out

The sky at dawn is still dark
I wonder if there’s something really that important to me?
I wonder if this pain
Has made me think it’s natural to have a place to belong someday

Nov 04

Kokoro Connect – Kokoro no Kara

With the same gaze, we watch the same scenery
and hear the same sounds, no matter how close we cuddle together
People’s hearts cannot be transmitted to another…..
So we must entrust our feeling to words