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Apr 20

Digimon Tamers – Sayonara Dake ga Shitetta

I want to see you, but I can’t see you
And because of that, it’s a bit sad that this is the end
After we finally met
Because the kindness I recieved from you
Is still in my heart, even now
I’ll give it to someone else
That’s the important thing “goodbye” brought me

Apr 20

Digimon Tamers – Across the Tears

In my heart, somewhere, there’s a strong me
That side of me only comes out sometimes
You taught me that
Across the tears I’ll find myself
While acertaining one by one
To a tomorrow where I can be me

Mar 03

Digimon – Kiseki no Takaramono

Nagaku tsudzuiteru michi de
Bokura ga mitsukeru kiseki
Egao mo namida mo
Zenbu zutto takaramono sa
Akirametaku naru toki mo
Mae wo muki shinjitereba
Sono ashi ato kara
Kitto kitto hana wa saku kara

Feb 16

Digimon Tamers – Moon Fighter

Light up! Moon, pierce through the darkness
I shouldn’t have to force a laugh
C’mon, Light up! Moon, echo into the ground
Vividly fly and begin to change
And run through, Fighter!

Jan 19

Digimon Tamers – Fighting Soul

No matter how much I get hurt
No matter how difficult the times
I will never show any weakness, so
I’ll always be a FIGHTING SOUL

Dec 16

Digimon Tamers – Days~Aijou to Nichijou~

I just live here, and when I questioned the meaning of my existence
You said nothing, rather you stood by my side and smiled at me

Love and the ordinary are intertwined, bury that heart in a kiss
More than now, more than this, hold me tightly until I could break
More, tighter, more, more…

Nov 21

Digimon Tamers – Digital Surviver

A strange horizon with light piercing through the sky
I am here, withstanding the harsh wind

Open your eyes! Wild at heart
The battle draws near
Release the wildfire in your heart to survive

Oct 01

Digimon – My Style

If I could be granted a single wish
Please give me wings
I would soon fly to your side
Because there’s something I want to express
The way I am

Oct 01

Digimon – Itsuka no Iro

But when, and why? Why is it?
Girls become honest, then take roundabout ways
Teach me, Teach me, I have to love too
And things will seem as sweet as chocolate
In the clear future, I want to know that truth