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Nov 15

OreImo 2 – Omou Koto

(To the lying big brother)

The lies you told were pretty, and moreover, always selfish
My hidden but persistent feelings change into tears
The lies I told were cunning, and surely hurt you
And yet, your kind smile still envelops me for some reason
I’ll express it and wipe away these tears

Nov 09

OreImo – Nexus

Hey, the kindness I received from you that one day
Day by day stifled the familiar feelings I had
I’ll tie together the lines
Between the gap that has always separated us
I won’t ever be able to repay you for all the treasures you’ve given me
But don’t look away, I’ll sing only for you

Nov 25

OreImo 2 – Zutto…

These same feelings are not a lie
We came to believe in them, so we can agree;
So I’m sure we’ll be okay
There are many futures in your eyes
I wonder if I could catch them if I reached out for them?
I’ll touch all of them for you

Nov 14

OreImo 2 – Filter

An accidental, unpleasant feeling of distance
Don’t look at me with those irritating eyes, I’ll report you!
Relaxed and joking
Today again you always treat me right
It makes my heart feel light

Nov 14

OreImo 2 – Kanjousen loop

tu-ru-tu-tu tu-ru-tu I won’t say, can’t say these feelings
tu-ru-tu-tu tu-ru-tu Even though you know them
Maintaining my distance, I can’t hear, won’t hear your side
That’s how it’s been with us, for the longest time

Nov 09

OreImo 2 – reunion

I’ll hold hands with you again
You’ll dream with me again
We’re covered in wounds, but let’s embrace the moment
And begin again
I’ll talk with you again
And you’ll laugh with me again
The tomorrow that is still a bud
Will bloom when I’m near you

Nov 01

OreImo 2 – Monochrome HAPPY DAY

White suits me, don’t you think? It’s special for today
I want to hear your black voice praising me for waiting

Look, it’s your dazzling smile that seems so kind
I can’t hide my overflowing emotions anymore

Mar 03

OreImo – Shokuzai no Serenade

Maschera, sounding of grief
I am embraced in a kind melody
Maschera, Let me hear your words
And I shall fall into the darkness again

Apr 30

OreImo – irony

Don’t be so nice to me
See, we’ve hurt each other again
The lies that have piled up have even made me unable to move
Don’t look at me that way
How am I supposed to react to that?
I’ve been hesitating this whole time, so I wonder
If I’ll be able to laugh someday

Jan 26

OreImo – Horaizumu

That’s right, the things that get me down
And the things that always worry me and burden me
I’m sure it seems I just laugh them off and be done, but I don’t!
If you were not here
And I couldn’t see you
I don’t want a future like that
So keep it a secret

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