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Sep 02

Gyakuten Saiban – Jun’ai Chaos

These aren’t tears
They’re a labyrinth that leads to the future
No matter how lost you get
You have no choice but to find the exit

That’s not light
It’s all the chaos of pure love
Shadows are coming to life
Will you embrace my heart?

Aug 25

Gyakuten Saiban – Jinsei wa Subarashii

Life is wonderful – you should be prouder than anyone
Take each case one-by-one, go on without giving up or hesitating!
The seven wonders called the future
If you believe, your dreams will come true
You with me, you with me, let’s call out to a new tomorrow

May 21

Gyakuten Saiban – Message

After the tears, you will be able to smile
Even on the days you are stuck standing still and hesitating
You’ll be able to feel how dear you are to me, so much that I want to embrace you
I’m sure tomorrow is waiting, so don’t give up
One second, one second closer to your dream
We’ll gaze at the light together

May 21

Gyakuten Saiban – Gyakuten Winner

Let’s make a turnabout – Justice
We’ll make it in the nick of time for sure – Chance
No matter the wall, no matter the wind,
We won’t be afraid, for sure
We’ll go win for sure

Jun 20

Gyakuten Saiban – Ooedo Senshi Tonosaman no Uta

Rebuilt from old wounds
A dry wind blows through the aching Neo Edo
The magistrate of evil: The Evil Magistrate
Go! Go! Until my life ends
I strike to kill him with the wrath of justice
Suddenly, it’s the hero, Tonosaman! Fly High!

Jun 20

Gyakuten Saiban – Koisuru Guitar no Serenade

Sugar, Sugar…
Held in your arms
The key to my heart was stolen just now