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Nov 09

Love Live! School Idol Festival – Takaramonos

The treasures we found here and now
There’s so many! – There is, isn’t there? – It’s everyone’s smiles!
They were the treasures we found here
Let me see everyone’s overflowing dreams, more and more!

Oct 03

Love Live! School Idol Project – WILD STARS

Move -> Open -> Move, yes, this will become love
Open -> Move -> Open, when you whisper
That this is the front of the door to love,
What will you do then? WILD STARS

Aug 25

Love Live! School Idol Project – Bokura wa Ima no Naka de

(We know)
It’s not all fun and games – we’re being tested
(We know)
But that pain will also lead us
(Into the future)
The strength we get from coming together is becoming our own
(I’m sure) We’ll continue to change (We’ll be stars!)

Jul 28

Love Live! School Idol Project – Kore Kara

The seasons change, and though everything changes
It’s only natural, but my heart feels a bit lonely
I wonder if you’ll chase that feeling everywhere?
We’ve come so far from when we met and resolved to be together
Ah, surely you… feel the same way…?

Jul 28

Love Live! School Idol Project – Dreamin’ Go! Go!!

Shall we, Go! (Go!) Go! (Go!) try to fly further than everyone else?
Go! (Go!) Go! (Go!) Don’t say that it’s impossible
Go! (Go!) Go! (Go!) At the very least, aim for the goal ahead
Go! (Go!) Go! (Go!) I want to meet with something! It’s so exciting

Dreamin’, it won’t disappear –
This Dreamin’ Sensation

Jan 11

Love Live! School Idol Project – Love Wing Bell

So I’ll cheer you up, with the same smile as always
Let’s sing! Let’s sing! I’ll cheer you up!
Don’t worry – let’s dream!
When I’m with everyone I love, I can do new things
I’ve been reborn, and I know I’ll grow even more
C’mon, I can see tomorrow!
Love wing… love wing…

Dec 15

Love Live! School Idol Project – COLORFUL VOICE

Yay yay yay, right? A COLOR CODE!
Hey hey hey, what’ll you do?
A COLOR CODE like that, or like this,
Which one suits me best?

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – Sayounara e Sayonara!

Rather than basking in nostalgia
Let’s laugh together and say we’ll meet again
Put aside “farewell” until “maybe”
Now is the time for the enjoyment of now – I want to have fun with everyone
“Goodbye to farewell!” …it’s silly, but I wanted to say it…

Oct 31

Love Live! School Idol Project – Datte Datte Aa Mujou

Alas, how cruel…
This world is full of sorrow
But that’s fine
The fact that we met is a joyous one, don’t you think?

Oct 31

Love Live! School Idol Project – Moment Ring

It began from a reckless dream
Everything was connected as if it were a miracle
I wonder what comes next?
It was a heart-pounding adventure every day, always
Please continue to treat me kindly
Because there’s no way we’ll ever grow apart
This won’t be just a memory
We know that a new dream is being born

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