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Nov 22

Pokemon – Pokettari Monstari

Pocket-ing, Monster-ing
Angering, forgiving
Pocket-ing, Monster-ing
Smooching, blushing!
Pocket-ing, Monster-ing
Connecting, Separating
Pocket-ing, Monster-ing
Wishing, Granting!

Oct 26

Pokemon – Aratanaru Chikai

Even if I can hear a new cry
My motto won’t change
That’s right! “Gotta catch’em all!”

Even if a new rival appears
My curiosity won’t change
C’mon! Let’s battle!

Oct 25

Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 – Yajirushi ni Natte!

A single, swift arrow!
A single, supple arrow!
A single, contemplating arrow!
That is us, right now!

Arrow, go on to your target!
Arrow, shine even more than now!
Pierce into my dreams!

Jan 26

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Kimi no Mune ni LaLaLa

In your heart, LaLaLa
Draw your dream, LaLaLa
Because if you wish for it in your heart
It is sure to come true

Underneath the same sky, LaLaLa
I’ll be able to hear it, LaLaLa
This melody echoing between us
Will chime as a bell of courage…

Sep 23

Pokemon Best Wishes! – Best Wishes!

If I listen
I can hear a nostalgic voice and a voice from the future
Always praying for me,

“I hope you will be okay!
That somehow, you will be okay!
I hope everyone will be okay!”

Aug 10

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Saikoo Everyday!!

We’re a good combination
With perfect communication
Always in high tension
WOW WO sha la la… so we’re fine!

We have good vibrations
Congratulations for tomorrow
It’s always a revolution
Let’s go on this road, aim to be a Pokemon master!

Jul 25

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Moe yo!! Gizamimi Pichuu

Its name is “Spiky-eared Pichu”
Ha! Ha! It’s a perky character!
Its posture is really like kung-fu
Ho! Ho! It’s a charming individual

Mar 18

Pokemon – OK!

The sun and the moon
Are always changing faces
And protecting everyone

Mar 18

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Kono Yubi Tomare

Saa, asobou “Kono yubi tomare”
Hora, nakayoku “Birudo appu“
Ike Pocchama “Daibingu“
Egao pikapika Pikachuu

Dec 19

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Ashita wa Kitto

No matter what, I split everything in half with you
I even split my beloved afternoon snack in half with you
Today I’ll even split all my fun in half with you
In half with you

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