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Jan 12

Nitta Emi – Emusic

I wanted to be free, so I longed for wings
But before I knew it my singing voice had turned into the feathers
Happiness is a smiling melody, welling up in my heart
More and more! More and more!!
I want to feel it with everyone, I want to feel the moment
So, say it: EMUSIC!

Jan 12

Pile – P.S. Arigatou…

Reach now, my voice is my genuine words
Because you were here, I was able to make it this far
I’ll smile until graduation
So please promise me that you’ll kindly watch over me
PS… I truly thank you

Jan 12

Pile – Black Butterfly

Being able to meet you changed my world
Now I soar like a black butterfly
I want to meet you with a smile beyond this endless dream
So I’ll become a little stronger and surpass my limits
Watch over me until the end, until the day I can draw with my wings
Because I can’t take flight into this long journey alone

Jan 11


Come, take flight – your wings (seriousness) are a miracle power
Strong enough to break through the earth’s atmosphere
Break through,
In this airspace known as limited time,
Your goal
Is always > NEXT WORLD >

Jan 11

Pile – Furuwasete

Ohh Let’s Play
Dance, Dance, Dance, make my heart shake
Dance, Dance, Dance right now, I wonder if you’ve cast a spell on me
(sweet kiss)
Dance, Dance, Dance, I long for a love that I can call love
Headed for an island called eternity, the bird had a dream
Grant my wish, rai rai La rai rai rai
Lie? Grant my wish, rai rai La rai rai rai rai ra rai

Jan 10

Zoids Fuzors – Enemy of Life

enemy of life
anytime fight
Even if you lose sight of everything in this moment
enemy of life
anytime fight
There is undoubtedly something you must protect
You may not know it
But your pride will be your number one biggest enemy

Jan 06

Humanity has Declined – Real World

We’re growing closer, so let me show you a delicate, fleeting dream
I suppose good things happen every once in a while
If you have a sweet dream, I’ll reward you with chocolate
So let’s try laughing and saying “that’s all there is to it?”
Head straight until you reach the hill – you won’t see it, but lend an ear
Can you hear it? The voice beckons you
Break through all of the barricades – It’s such a strange world;
The more you learn about it, the less you understand

Dec 09

World Trigger – Dream Trigger

I looked at all of the stars in the sky, drew my dream,
And realizing my heart was racing
Here and now, I’ll announce our creation story (beginning): our story
Let’s wish on a shooting star
For it to be heard everywhere, and for this feeling to never disappear

Sep 02

Gyakuten Saiban – Jun’ai Chaos

These aren’t tears
They’re a labyrinth that leads to the future
No matter how lost you get
You have no choice but to find the exit

That’s not light
It’s all the chaos of pure love
Shadows are coming to life
Will you embrace my heart?

Aug 25

Gyakuten Saiban – Jinsei wa Subarashii

Life is wonderful – you should be prouder than anyone
Take each case one-by-one, go on without giving up or hesitating!
The seven wonders called the future
If you believe, your dreams will come true
You with me, you with me, let’s call out to a new tomorrow

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