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Dec 23

Show By Rock!!# – Heart wo Rock!

Sing, rock! Rock! Be excited! Be yourself!
(Yes! Yes! C’mon! Come~ on! C’mon!)
If we play, even though our feelings are still, still, still wrapped up
(Fu Fu! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!)
Rock your heart! Rock! Rock out!
(Yes! Yes! C’mon! Come~ on! C’mon!)
Can’t you hear it? See?
It gives my heart strength – it’s magic!
(Fu Fu! No~t yet! Non stop!)
I’m sure words are (unnecessary), with honest (feelings)
I can strum more and more!

Jul 08

Show by Rock!! – Seishun wa Non-Stop!

Romance, Life! Very Very! Happy!
Friendship, Life! Pop out Jumping!
Adventure, Life! Heart-pounding, OK?
Ode to Youth! Come’on ready? Let’s Go!

Let’s rush down the road to school, facing the sky
I love that, too! I love this, too!
Can I have all of it? Aaall of it?
I’m a girl with the delusion that love is all romance
If you’re going to attack, be bold
Shall we search for an original plan for the future?

Jul 08

Show By Rock!! – Have a nice MUSIC!!

If you love it, you can do it for sure
You can do it because you love it
The feeling that you love music
Can’t be stopped by anyone

GO GO LUCKY Have a nice MUSIC!!
GO GO HAPPY Have a nice MUSIC!!
GO GO LUCKY Have a nice MUSIC!!