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Nov 25

OreImo 2 – Zutto…

These same feelings are not a lie
We came to believe in them, so we can agree;
So I’m sure we’ll be okay
There are many futures in your eyes
I wonder if I could catch them if I reached out for them?
I’ll touch all of them for you

Nov 14

OreImo 2 – Kanjousen loop

tu-ru-tu-tu tu-ru-tu I won’t say, can’t say these feelings
tu-ru-tu-tu tu-ru-tu Even though you know them
Maintaining my distance, I can’t hear, won’t hear your side
That’s how it’s been with us, for the longest time

Jan 26

OreImo – Horaizumu

That’s right, the things that get me down
And the things that always worry me and burden me
I’m sure it seems I just laugh them off and be done, but I don’t!
If you were not here
And I couldn’t see you
I don’t want a future like that
So keep it a secret

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Unmei wa Endless!!

Hey, can this fortuitous encounter be called fate?
The answer is a smile and a full power session
We met by chance without passing each other by, it’s rather amazing
So if our pitches don’t match perfectly… that’s okay!! There!!

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Singing!

Let’s go even without a road
The notes we let go are our map!
The beats pound out an oath in our hearts
Yes, We Go! Yes, We Play!

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Ohayou, Mata Ashita

We don’t know! but you know, I’m sure
From here on out is the same as it’s been up till now
The first iteration
Crying, laughing, always
Playing new songs

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Ichiban Ippai

So, let’s go search for and meet our number one (Let’s go)
School – sound – song – tea – dessert
Even the hundredth number one is number one
A full heart, a full tummy (is happiness)
To satisfaction, together… we grin

There isn’t just one number one

Jan 26

OreImo – Tadaima.

In my mind, where can always talk to you
This moment ties us tightly together
I’ll practice for when we part one day
I’m sure, naturally and ordinarily
My memories
Will change into an irreplaceable “today”
These happy days are sparkling
So dazzling

Jan 26

OreImo – Orange

The sky in the sunset is orange
Just like my hair today
At 2 in the morning when even the stars are asleep
Is a secret time I can tell no one about
The sky in the sunrise tomorrow will be orange
Just like my hair will surely be
It’d be nice if I could meet a person
That could understand this feeling of mine, one day

Jan 26

OreImo – Keep on runnin’

Following the path of the wind
I speed up, keep on runnin’!
I can’t stop, straight on, way to go

Kicking up the dry earth
I pass someone, don’t stop feelin’!
I’ll keep on runnin’ straight forward to anywhere!

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