Nov 17

KEY Sounds Label – Shiawase ni Naru Ban

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2013)

Shiawase ni Naru Ban

Turn to be Happy

Lia, Tada Aoi, Rita, Chata

KEY Anniversary Single

Hikoukigumo oikakete hashitte ita ano koro wa
Mada nanimo shirazu ni ite
Sore kara otozureru nagai fuyu sae
Kanashimi ni makesou
Kimi sae ushinatte shimau

Mou nanimokamo haiiro de
Mou ikirenai sonna hibi demo
Kiseki wa aru shinjite iru
Purizumu mo mata kagayaki dasu yo

Hitori ga tsurai kara minna de te wo tsunaide mita
Demo sore wa yowasugita boku ga minna wo sou saseta dake
Natsu wa mada tooku
Booru wo butsu oto ga
Ima mo mimi kara hanarenai

Doushitemo furikirenai
Minna no omokage ga nokotte iru kara
Demo soredemo susunde miru yo
Sore ga ikiru koto dakara tsuyosa wo shiru yo

Ironna koto ga atta ikutsumo shiki wo koe
Donna ochikomou ga bokura wo mite hoshii
Tooku de koe ga suru boku wa mou daijoubu dakara
Kondo wa sou, kimi ga shiawase ni naru ban da yo

Hikoukigumo wo otta
Itsumademo itsumademo

The time we chased and ran after the contrails
I still knew nothing
And then, we couldn’t even get through
The arrival of a long winter
I feel like I’ve lost to the sadness
Now that I’ve lost even you

Everything has already turned grey
And already there are days when we can’t go on living
But I believe in miracles
The prism will sparkle again

Being alone was tough, so everyone tried holding hands
But I only let everyone do that because I was so weak
Summer is still far away
The sound of a ball being hit
Has not stopped ringing in my ears, even now

No matter what I do, I can’t shake it off
The image of everyone’s faces remains
But even so, I will try to move on
That’s what it means to live, therefore I know what strength is

So many things have happened this many number of seasons
No matter how down we are, I want you to watch us
A voice comes from far away, so I will be fine now
This time, that’s right, it’s your turn to be happy

We chased the contrails
Forever and ever…

Japanese Lyrics


もう生きれない そんな日々でも
奇跡はある 信じている
プリズムもまた 輝き出すよ


でもそれでも 進んでみるよ
それが生きることだから 強さを知るよ

いろんなことがあった いくつも四季を超え
どんな落ち込もうが 僕らをみてほしい
遠くで声がする 僕はもう大丈夫だから


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