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Dec 08

Digimon Adventure Tri – WHICH

An answer, a light, makes no difference either way
Is that okay? It’ll be fine, I just have to be myself
Whether you’re hanging your head or looking up,
1 second goes by either way

Oct 11

Digimon Adventure Tri – Boku ni Totte

Don’t say good bye, it has to be you
You say good bye, if that time were to come
You’re irreplaceable to me
The promise we exchanged is always here in my heart

Apr 20

Digimon Tamers – Sayonara Dake ga Shitetta

I want to see you, but I can’t see you
And because of that, it’s a bit sad that this is the end
After we finally met
Because the kindness I recieved from you
Is still in my heart, even now
I’ll give it to someone else
That’s the important thing “goodbye” brought me

Apr 20

Digimon Tamers – Across the Tears

In my heart, somewhere, there’s a strong me
That side of me only comes out sometimes
You taught me that
Across the tears I’ll find myself
While acertaining one by one
To a tomorrow where I can be me

Apr 20

Digimon Adventure 02 – Kaze ni Mukatte

It’s not so I can be more grown up
I’ll become strong
So that I can be me
And believe, someday,
That I’ll be able to stick out my chest in front of you

Feb 21

Digimon Adventure 02 – Yasashii Ame

Its good that it isn’t a violent rain
The sound of it falling forever
So I can grow big
Please give me strength

Feb 21

Digimon – Reflection

Your eyes were so pretty
You’d look back at me and then look away, but
I always felt your eyes on me
It’s my memories’ reflection

Sep 30

Digimon – Ashita

It’s okay, no one is alone
There’s no such thing as a tomorrow that can’t be reached
Gradually it gets closer to your dreams
Struggling on little by little until that day comes

Aug 28

Digimon Adventure 02 – Sekaijuu no Keshiki wo!!

Let’s see the scenery of the world together
And we’ll discover all sorts of fun things
Let’s go, you can ride on my back
We’ll break through the clouds and evolve!

Aug 28

Digimon Adventure 02 – Oretachi no Melody

We’ll hum the melody of our hearts
From the day we rolled around laughing
Since everyone’s melody warms our hearts
We’ll always understand each other

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