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Nov 16

Digimon – Sorairo no Kaze

Let that sky-blue wind always be blowing
To give everyone, everyone courage
Just try turning back around – I’ll smile and nod at you
It’s okay, I’m here

I’ll gather that sky-blue wind in my heart
To give everyone, everyone a smile
When I load the tips of my toes with just a little bit of power
Let it fly up into the sky

Oct 04

Digimon Adventure 02 – Tobira DOOR

Let’s run, not for someone else’s sake, but because it’s better than stopping
Cut through the clear air and face that dazzling ocean

We don’t have time to linger in front of this new door
So let’s take a running jump – kick that door wide open!

Since it’s you, I know we can

Oct 04

Digimon Adventure 02 – Shining Star

Shining Star, a holy light
Shining Star, shining in our hearts

Shining Star, We’ll continue to pray for
Shining Star, Our true wish

Sep 12

Digimon Adventure 02 – Koyubi no Fantasy

“I can’t, I can’t!” – well then, you gotta have courage
You can’t have an unsteady heart!

“I can’t, I can’t!” – well then, you gotta be cheerful
Having sparkly lips will do the trick

Miracles always happen suddenly
Beckoned by a little finger fantasy

Sep 12

Digimon Adventure Tri – Blooming Your Heart

Blooming, Let’s make a pure future bloom
Dreaming, It’s best to sow the seeds of hope
Green day, I won’t let these feelings wither
That’s because, the world with you is my best garden

Aug 25

Digimon Adventure 02 – Daijob

It’s OK, because I know you
So it’s fine, it’s fine
Because we’re partners, right?
It’s OK, because you know me too
So it’s fine, it’s fine
We’ll become stronger

Jul 19

Digimon Adventure Tri – Agumon SUNba

Form a circle, Agumon SUNba
My tummy’s getting empty, but
Everyone, everyone, ride the rhythm!
Agumon SUNba

Jul 19

Digimon Adventure Tri – Kioku no Kakera -Tentomon Side-

Koushirou-han, you’ll be fine
Koushirou-han, you’ll do your best
Koushirou-han, you can see it through
My prided partner

May 12

Digimon Adventure Tri – Kibou no Tsubasa

I want to protect everyone with you forever
It’s a childish dream that I want to portray
I want to evolve from the days when I was a crybaby
Take flight with wings of hope
We’ll fly anywhere
I have the most important thing right here
Before my eyes – I love your smile

Apr 26

Digimon Adventure Tri – Go My Way

If you can dream it, you can do it.
Go my way!
By saying I wanted to live for someone else
I was able to realize so many miracles
I never want to forget that day
I’m so happy! Go my way!

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