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Jun 27

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Spurt!

All of the world, hey
It’s beyond what I could ever imagine
I’m laughing so hard I’m shaking
I’ll chase after my dream for ten thousand miles
Still not met, still not met my potential!

Waiting, waiting is useless, let’s just go and face it
Just do something, do it, do it, spurt off running!

Jan 27

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Challenger!!

I have to go, I have to do it
I can’t lose, I can’t stop, not until the end
I’m not alone, I’m not lonely, still a ways to go
This exciting adventure isn’t over…

Dec 07

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Advance Adventure

Full of courage, full of energy
So interesting, so triumphant
With the Pokenav, we’re ready to go!
Sure to win if I go first, unpreparedness is one’s worst enemy
Willingliness, mutual understanding

Nov 21

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Smile

Now, even if you can’t see it
I’m positive in your heart
Is the strength to believe in something
So I’ll wait for your smile

Nov 21

Pokemon Advanced Generation Watashi, Makenai!~Haruka no Theme~

I won’t lose! I’m in full serious mode!
I absolutely won’t give up until the end!
Someday I want to be a coordinator with fighting spirit!
So I can’t lose to a rival! I’m sure I’ll become self confident!

Nov 21

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara

The wind will brush your cheeks; I’m sure it’ll say,
“It’s ok to fall. You are you, and that makes you wonderful,”

Those that haven’t been hurt cannot see the blue sky
On a journey where you hesitate to walk on, your life will shine

Oct 01

Pokemon Advanced Generation – GLORY DAY~Kagayaku Sono Hi~

GLORY DAY! In times when you lose your way
GLORY DAY! Listen for the wind
GLORY DAY! Softly listen and it will be clear
You’ll hear “Believe in yourself!”

Oct 01

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Battle Frontier

Oh yeah!!
Intensely cut through the wind
Intensely, go on until the very end
A perfect combustion, YES, I’m OK!!

Oh yeah!!
Steadily charge your power
Steadily let your courage grow hot
And believe in limitless power