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Oct 04

Love Live! School Idol Project – WAO-WAO Powerful Day

It’s not enough, not enough, we want more! (So!)
More time, that is! (More!)
Study real quick~
Because (that’s right!) There’s so much to do!
(Powerful) our bodies have two,
(Miracle) So we want three
(That’s right) So, we’ll dash and Go!
(With all your might) Go!

Oct 03

Love Live! School Idol Project – WILD STARS

Move -> Open -> Move, yes, this will become love
Open -> Move -> Open, when you whisper
That this is the front of the door to love,
What will you do then? WILD STARS

Sep 12

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Kimeta yo Hand in Hand

Change, change! From today into a brand new world
Change, change! I’ll cheerfully push you forward
Since we’re together, I won’t if we can fly?
So, don’t hesitate
I don’t want to give up now
I’ve made my decision! Where shall we go from here?
Let’s go, hand in hand!

Aug 25

Love Live! School Idol Project – Puwa Puwa-o!

That’s why, Wow, WOW! This isn’t a dream
So hold me, Wow, WOW! Oh so tightly
I’ll tell you how I’ve
Always, always loved you – do you believe me?
Wow, WOW! This isn’t a dream
So hold me, Wow, WOW! Oh so tightly
I’ll tell you how I’ve
Always, always loved you – right now!

Aug 25

Love Live! School Idol Project – Bokura wa Ima no Naka de

(We know)
It’s not all fun and games – we’re being tested
(We know)
But that pain will also lead us
(Into the future)
The strength we get from coming together is becoming our own
(I’m sure) We’ll continue to change (We’ll be stars!)

Aug 17

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Natsu no Owari no Amaoto

The sky above the beach sparkles
But suddenly, clouds move in
The large drops of rain seem like the tears inside of me
I believed that a summer this fun
Would go on forever
But now… September Rain
But now… September Rain

Aug 08

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Jimo Ai Mantan Summer Life

We’ll spend our summer together here
The voice of the waves ebbs and flows in a vacation-like mood
I want to hear it together – shall we, at your leisure?
We have to take some breathers every once in a while
Let’s chat while walking on the crunchy sand
See? Summer life is the pride of our hometown

Aug 04

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Manatsu wa Dare no Mono?

Your eyes stare at me
As I dance in a red sun dress
I want to look away, and yet, I cannot look away
To whom does midsummer belong?
I want to make it yours and mine
I say, In a season where our hearts never stop
It seems as if the door into my heart is opening for the first time
You knock knock my heart!!

Aug 01

Love Live! Sunshine!! – HAPPY PARTY TRAIN

If I ride without hesitation, PARTY PARTY TRAIN to go!
Will I find people I never expected next to me?
How far do these rails go? I don’t know yet!
I want the PARTY TRAIN to run forever

Jul 28

Love Live! School Idol Project – Kore Kara

The seasons change, and though everything changes
It’s only natural, but my heart feels a bit lonely
I wonder if you’ll chase that feeling everywhere?
We’ve come so far from when we met and resolved to be together
Ah, surely you… feel the same way…?

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