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Jan 23

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Tokimeki Bunruigaku

I’ve learned for the first time that there are varieties of excitement
Therefore, research is necessary
I request your help
Not for the purpose of documentation, but a more personal reason
Therefore, research is necessary
Please help solve this mystery

Jan 12

Pile – P.S. Arigatou…

Reach now, my voice is my genuine words
Because you were here, I was able to make it this far
I’ll smile until graduation
So please promise me that you’ll kindly watch over me
PS… I truly thank you

Jan 11

Love Live! School Idol Project – Love Wing Bell

So I’ll cheer you up, with the same smile as always
Let’s sing! Let’s sing! I’ll cheer you up!
Don’t worry – let’s dream!
When I’m with everyone I love, I can do new things
I’ve been reborn, and I know I’ll grow even more
C’mon, I can see tomorrow!
Love wing… love wing…

Jan 11

Love Live! School Idol Project – Futari Happiness

I am always counting all of the wonderful things I see with you
I feel like the loving heartbeat I received from you
Is always protecting me – I wanted to tell you,
So I tried pulling on your arm

Jan 10

Love Live! School Idol Project – Otohime Heart de Love Kyuuden

A story once upon a time, in a legendary palace
The gentleman in love, in love
Ah, was not to return (so it was decided)
Tonight, tonight’s story is the resurrection of that legend
You are sure to fall in love, fall in love
That’s right, you came here for me
Forget everything else; let’s dance and sway
Forget everything else…!

Jan 06

Love Live! School Idol Project – Anemone Heart

Anemone heart, my lonely heart
The tears of a flower that blooms alone
Look at me more – I am here
Anemone heart, love runs throughout my body
Someday, our heartbeats of love will touch

Jan 06

Love Live! School Idol Project – Nightingale Love Song

Don’t erase my melody
The day when we can be happy, like in a story,
Will come to my wishing, pained heart
Will you lock me up in a cage?
The melody I want to sing right now
Is only for you – It’s a song of love
’cause I’m in love I’m singin’ love
My honest feelings of love

Dec 15

Love Live! School Idol Project – COLORFUL VOICE

Yay yay yay, right? A COLOR CODE!
Hey hey hey, what’ll you do?
A COLOR CODE like that, or like this,
Which one suits me best?

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – Sayounara e Sayonara!

Rather than basking in nostalgia
Let’s laugh together and say we’ll meet again
Put aside “farewell” until “maybe”
Now is the time for the enjoyment of now – I want to have fun with everyone
“Goodbye to farewell!” …it’s silly, but I wanted to say it…

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – ? ←HEARTBEAT

We don’t even have time to spare to be thankful
We’re still surprised, a ?←HEARTBEAT
Surely this happiness came too suddenly
We can’t manage to move forward from the question mark
So, what do we do?

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