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Jul 03

Anly – Ii no

It’s fine even if we don’t hold hands
I’m fine Just seeing you
Even if I get lonely, it’s fine
It’s fine
It’s fine even if someone else steals you away
It’s fine, as long as you’re smiling
I’ll be fine if I hold back my tears
It’s fine

Jun 06

Anly – Dakara

But that’s why
We make up for the things we lack
And why I’ve fallen in love with you
Close my eyes
Now when I close my eyes
I can see no one but you

Jun 06

Anly – Taiyou ni Warae

Walk on! Walk on! Even if you keep losing
Your sequel will surely be something no one could expect
Cry! Cry! Happy days will come later
Don’t hang your head, look up
And laugh at the sun – that’s my life