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Oct 25

Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 – Yajirushi ni Natte!

A single, swift arrow!
A single, supple arrow!
A single, contemplating arrow!
That is us, right now!

Arrow, go on to your target!
Arrow, shine even more than now!
Pierce into my dreams!

Sep 23

Pokemon Best Wishes! – Best Wishes!

If I listen
I can hear a nostalgic voice and a voice from the future
Always praying for me,

“I hope you will be okay!
That somehow, you will be okay!
I hope everyone will be okay!”

Mar 18

Pokemon – OK!

The sun and the moon
Are always changing faces
And protecting everyone

Dec 19

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – High Touch!!

You’re a nice partner!
You’re a nice rival!
We may argue
But as long as we follow each other
I think we’ll find a way to compromise

Jun 27

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Spurt!

All of the world, hey
It’s beyond what I could ever imagine
I’m laughing so hard I’m shaking
I’ll chase after my dream for ten thousand miles
Still not met, still not met my potential!

Waiting, waiting is useless, let’s just go and face it
Just do something, do it, do it, spurt off running!

Jan 27

Pokemon Advanced Generation – Challenger!!

I have to go, I have to do it
I can’t lose, I can’t stop, not until the end
I’m not alone, I’m not lonely, still a ways to go
This exciting adventure isn’t over…

Nov 11

Pokemon – Mezase Pokemon Master

“Someday dreams come true”
Somebody sang that, but
Like a bud that someday becomes a flower
My dream will come true

Nov 04

Pokemon – Rival!

Now, look!
I can laugh as I talk with you
“Let’s forget it,” said while playing dumb
Those are my rivals

Oct 01

Pokemon – Type: Wild!

Before you know it, Type: Wild!
Little by little, Type: Wild!
You’ll become, Type: Wild!
Stronger and stronger, Type: Wild!