Feb 21

Kashimashi – Michishirube Tomari Ver

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2017)

Michishirube Tomari Version


Tamura Yukari

Kashimashi~Girl Meets Girl~ Ending Theme Tomari Ver

Dokomademo tsuzuku michi nara
Itsumademo kimi to irareru no?
Toikakete dashita kotae wa
Tachiagaru chikara wo kureta

Looking for the truth
Zutto mae kara
Aozora wo sagashite ita

Kanashimi wo koete
Shiawase ni narou yo
Mada mienai saki no sekai wo
Shinjite ikou ka
Nakisou na egao kagayaki ni kaeru
Soba ni ite yo kono te wo hanasanai de
Mirai wa sugusoko

If it’s a road that continues on everywhere
Can I stay with you forever?
I ask you a question, and your reply
Gave me the strength to stand tall

Looking for the truth
All this time, I’ve
Been searching for the blue sky

Let’s get over the sadness
and be happy
Can I trust in a world
Where I can’t see what’s ahead?
Your teary smile will turn into a radiance
Stay by my side, don’t ever let go of my hand
The future is coming

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