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Hetalia – Hatafutte Parade Igirisu Hen

Hatafutte Pareedo Igirisu Hen

Flag-waving Parade Britain Version

Sugiyama Noriaki

Hetalia World Series Ending Theme Britain Version

Migi te ni wa eeru
Hidaru te ni wa fisshu ando chippusu!

Eeru nonde fisshu kutte pabu tte GO! pareedo
Miwaku no sekai e Let’s go!
Te wo totte wa ni natte mawaru ze chikyuugou
Norinori na ongaku de zekkouchou!

Kurosu mittsu awasatte Union Flag!
Itsumo shinshi na ore sa!

(“Masutaa, mikkusu nattsu hitotsu!
Omaera, kyou wa omou zonbun tanoshinde ike yo”)

Eeru nonde nattsu kutte pabu tte GO! pareedo
Gakki wo narashite koushin da~
Minna de see no de gassou sureba
Tatta hitotsu no uta kanseki sa

Beesu tantou wa ore Igirisu!
“Maa, ore ga iru kara ongaku ga matomarun da ze”

Ishidzukuri no machinami
Utsukushiku hibiku biggu ben
Ima mo mukashi mo kawarazu toki wo kizami tsudzukeru ze!

Let’s enjoy, everybody! Kenyaku wa kenja no ishi
Let’s enjoy, everybody! Demo tama ni wa
Abiru hodo Let’s drink beer!
Let’s enjoy, everybody! Wakiagaru daikansei
Let’s enjoy, everybody!

(“Nanda, buraunii, pikushii
Omaera mo kiteka no ka. Issho ni tanoshimou ze!
Ehe, Kusugottai tte, tameru yo baka“)

Eeru nonde fisshu kutte pabu tte GO! pareedo
Merodi wa bankokukyoutsuu sa~
Itsutsu no tairiku to nanatsu no umi wo
Norinori na Tempo de daioudan!
Asu e tsudzuiteku Magical Carnival
“Orenchi no mahou wo mikubin na yo!!”

Kurosu mittsu awasatte Union Flag!
Yunikoon mo tomodachi sa!

(“Aa, omae mo asobi ni kitekuretan da! Genki datta ka?
Minna ni kakomarete nomeru nante saikou da ze.
Masuttaa! eeru mou ippai!”)

In my right hand is ale
In my left hand are fish and chips!

It’s an ale-drinking, fish-eating, pub, you say? GO! Parade
To the captivating world, Let’s go!
When we join hands and form a circle we turn around the earth
With cheerful music I’m at my best!

Three crosses unite to make our Union Flag!
I’m always gentlemanly!

(“Master, one order of mixed nuts!
Enjoy to you heart’s content, everyone”)

It’s an ale-drinking, nuts-eating, pub, you say? GO! Parade
Sound your instruments and march on~
If we all play together on one, two
We’ll create a complete song!

And on the bass is me, Britain!
“Well, the song will be on the beat since I’m here.”

The beautiful sound of Big Ben
Echoes off of the buildings made of stone
It hasn’t changed through the passage of time, now nor long ago!

Let’s enjoy, everybody! Thriftiness is the Philosopher’s stone
Let’s enjoy, everybody! But sometimes
you should just immerse yourself, Let’s drink beer!
Let’s enjoy, everybody! Cries of great joy well up inside me
Let’s enjoy, everybody!

(“What? Brownie, Pixie,
You came to see me, too! Let’s enjoy together!
Ehe, that tickles! Stop, you dummy!”)

It’s an ale-drinking, nuts-eating, pub, you say? GO! Parade
It’s a melody the whole, wide world knows~
The 5 continents and 7 seas
Are grandly connected by a cheerful tempo!
Continuing on to tomorrow, Magical Carnival
“Don’t count out the magic from my place!”

Three crosses unite to make our Union Flag!
Unicorn is my friend, too!

(“Oh, you came to hang out with me too, how have you been?
Getting together with everyone and going out for a drink is the best!
Master, another ale!”)

Japanese Lyrics


エール飲んで フィッシュ食って パブってGo!パレード
魅惑の世界へ  LET’S GO!
手をとって輪になって 回るぜ地球号

クロス3つ 合わさって UNION FLAG!

エール飲んで ナッツ食って パブってGo! パレード
楽器を鳴らして 行進だ
皆で せーので 合奏すれば
たった一つの地球(うた) 完成さ!

ベース担当は 俺 イギリス!
「まあ、俺がいるから 音楽が まとまるんだぜ」

石造りの 街並
美しく響く ビッグベン
今も昔も変わらず 時を 刻み続けるぜ

(Let’s enjoy, everybody!) 倹約は賢者の石
(Let’s enjoy, everybody!) でもたまには 浴びるほど Let’s drink beer!
(Let’s enjoy, everybody!) わきあがる大歓声
(Let’s enjoy, everybody!)

お前らも来てたのか。 一緒に楽しもうぜ

エール飲んで フィッシュ食って パブってGO! パレード
メロディは 万国共通さ
五つの大陸と 七つの海を
ノリノリなテンポで 大横断!
明日へ続いてく Magical Carnival
「俺んちの魔法を 見くびんなよ!!」

クロス3つ 合わさって UNION FLAG!
ユニコーンも 友達さ!

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