May 30

Bleach – Suigintou no Yoru

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2013)

Suigintou no Yoru

Mercury Lamp-lit Night

Sugiyama Noriaki

Bleach Uryuu Ishida’s Character Theme

Yomichi ni ukanda suigintou no hikari
Namida mo nai no ni naze ka niji mitatsu yo

Yomichi ni hisonda boku no kuroi kage
Nasake mo nai no ni naze ka ashibaya ni

Senaka ni mou hitotsu namida no nioi
Tsuitekuru tsuitekuru
Tsuitekuru tsuitekuru

Senaka ni mou hitotsu kokoro no mayoi
Nigete yuku oikakeru
nigete yuku oikosareteku

Hitotsu futatsu no kage kasanai
Guseri to mune ichi tsuki
Futatsu no kage tokeru suigintou no yoru ni

The light of a mercury lamp surfaces on the night street
Blurs, somehow, though there are no tears

My black shadow, hidden by the night street
Moves swiftly, somehow, though there is no compassion

Behind me, the scent of yet another tear
Follows me, follows me
Follows me, follows me

Behind me, the doubt of yet another heart is
Running away, I chase it
Running away, it passes me

One, two shadows overlapping
A chain pierces through my chest
The two shadows fuse, on a mercury lamp lit night

Japanese Lyrics

夜道に浮かんだ 水銀燈の光
涙もないのに なぜか艶(にじ)みたつよ

夜道に密んだ 僕の黒い影
情けもないのに なぜか足早に

背中にもうひとつ 涙の匂い
ついてくる ついてくる
ついてくる ついてくる

背中にもうひとつ 心の迷い
逃げてゆく 追いかける
逃げてゆく 追いこされてく

二つの影溶ける 水銀燈の夜に

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