May 30

Bleach – Houkiboshi

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Bleach 3rd Ending Theme

Yozora wo miage hitori houkiboshi wo mita no
Isshun de hajikete wa kiete shimatta kedo
Anata no koto omou to mune ga itaku naru no
Imasugu aitai yo dakedo sora wa tobenai kara

Moshi atashi ga houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
Sora kakenuku tonde iku
Donna ashita ga kitemo kono omoi wa tsuyoi
Dakara houkiboshi zutto kowarenai yo

Ame ga futte iya da to boyaite ita toki ni
Anata ga itta koto imademo oboeteru
Ame no ato no yozora wa kirei ni hoshi ga deru
Sore wo kangaeru to ame mo suki ni nareru yo ne to

Moshi atashi ga houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
Afureru hikari furasu yo itsumo
Kanashii toki yozora miru anata ga
Egao ni naru you ni motto kagayakitai

Anata wa itsumo hitori nanika to tatakatteru
Soba ni iru koto shika atashi ni wa dekinai kedo

Moshi atashi ga houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
Sora kakenuke tonde iku kitto
Kanarazu todoku kono isshun no hikari de
Anata no ima terashi sora wo megurou
Atashi ga houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
Kitto soba ni ite ageru donna toki mo

The comet I saw as I, alone, looked into the night sky
Split open and vanished in a single instant, but
I think of you, and my chest starts to hurt
I want to see you right away, but because I can’t fly across the sky…

If I somehow became a comet
I’d run and fly across the sky
No matter what sort of tomorrow comes, this feeling is strong
So this comet will absolutely never break

When I complained that I hated it when it rained,
I remember, even now, what you said to me
“Stars appear prettily in the night sky after the rain
When you think of it that way, you can even start to like the rain,”

If I somehow became a comet
I would always be overflowing and raining down light
So that in sad times, you, looking up at the night sky
Would smile, I want to shine even more

You’re always alone, fighting against something or other
I can’t do anything but just stay by your side, but

If I somehow became a comet
I’d run and fly across the sky
Surely, certainly, I’d reach you, by this instantaneous light
Shine on you for the moment, then return to the sky
If I somehow became a comet
I’d stay by your side for sure, no matter when

Japanese Lyrics

夜空を見上げ一人 ほうき星を見たの
一瞬ではじけては 消えてしまったけど
あなたのこと想うと 胸が痛くなるの
今すぐ会いたいよ だけど空は飛べないから

もしあたしが ほうき星になれたならば
空駆け抜け 飛んでいく
どんな明日が来ても この想いは強い
だからほうき星ずっと 壊れないよ

雨が降って嫌だと ぼやいていた時に
あなたが言ったこと 今でも覚えてる
雨の後の夜空は 綺麗に星が出る
それを考えると 雨も好きになれるよねと

もしあたしが ほうき星になれたならば
溢れる光降らすよ いつも
悲しい時 夜空見るあなたが
笑顔になるように もっと輝きたい

あなたはいつも一人 何かと戦ってる
傍にいることしか あたしにはできないけど

もしあたしが ほうき星になれたならば
空駆け抜け飛んでいく きっと
必ず届く この一瞬の光で
あなたのイマ照らし 空を巡ろう
あたしが ほうき星になれたならば
きっと傍にいてあげる どんな時も

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