Feb 21

Kashimashi – Michishirube Hazumu Ver

Michishirube Hazumu Version


Ueda Kana

Kashimashi~Girl Meets Girl~ Ending Theme Hazumu Version

Dokomademo tsuzuku michi nara
Mou ichido koko ga sutaato rain
Kawarenai demo kawaritai
itamu mune setsunai shouko

Looking for the truth
Ano hi no boku ga
Naki nagara senaka wo osu

Kanashimi wo koete
Shiawase ni narou yo
Mada mienai saki no sekai wo
Shinjite ikou ka
Yasashii hitomi ni sotto mamorarete
Yakusoku shiyou egao ni deau tame ni
Mirai wa sugusoko

If it’s a road that continues on to anywhere
Then this is a new starting line
It won’t change, but I want it to change
My scared heart is painful evidence of that

Looking for the truth
The me on that day
Cried while clinging to your back

Let’s get over the sadness
and be happy
Can I trust in a world
Where I can’t see what’s ahead?
Your kind eyes gently watch over me
Promise me I can meet you, smiling, again
The future is coming

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