Jul 12

Yu-Gi-Oh! – Shuffle


Okui Masami

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 2nd Opening Theme

“Koerarenai” “Iraira suru
Haadoru wo kowashitatte nannimo kotae wa denaishi

Chikara toka aijou unnun baransu wo mamoranai to
Jibun wo miushinatte shimau yo

Ayatsurareteru no ka? on the field daremo ga
Obiezu ni go away demo…

Mienai ashita no michi
Erabu koto wa dekinai kamoshirenai
Me wo tojite kokoro de kiru just like cards kitto
Kiseki wo hikiateyou

Honki dashite ikite itara taisetsu na mono ga fuete
Iya na koto wasurete itanda

Mienai kizuna koso on the field daremo ga
Hitsuyou na it’s the power dakara…

Hitori no samisha tsurasa wo shitte
Itami wo wakaru ima
Jibun ni osoi kakaru donna koto mo
Nigenai de seoeteru

Heiki na kaoshite urakiru hito ga
Amarinimo ooi ima
Me wo tojite kokoro de miru just like cards sore wa
Yakusoku sareta yes! you are the winner

Mienai ashita dakara kose
Wakuwaku dekirun dato ah kidzuita
Never lose! kokoro de kiru just like cards kitto
Kiseki ga okoru kara

“I can’t cross over” “It’s getting irritating”
I’m breaking through the hurdle but no answer appears before me

If you don’t protect the balance of things like love and power
Then you’ll completely lose sight of yourself

Are you being manipulated? on the field, no one
Is frightened, go away, but…

The roads of tomorrow are not visible
So you might not be able to choose one
Just close your eyes and cut with your heart, just like cards, I’m sure
We’ll create a miracle

If we live seriously, there will be more things important to us
We forgot all of the unpleasant things

These bonds are completely invisible, on the field, everyone
is the essential power, so…

I’ve come to know the loneliness and difficulty of being alone
And now I understand pain
No matter what sorts of things burden me
I’ll carry them without running away

These days there are far too many
People that have cool faces but turn their backs on you**
Close your eyes and see with your heart, just like cards, that
Was a promise, Yes! You are the winner

Tomorrow is not visible, but because of it
I just realized that I’m, ah, excited about it
Never lose! Cut with your heart, just like cards, I’m sure
A miracle will happen from it

Japanese Lyrics



操られてるのか? on the field 誰もが
怯えずに go away でも…


目を閉じて心で切る just like cards きっと


見えない絆こそ on the field 誰もが
必要な it’s the power だから…


目を閉じて心で見る just like cards それは
約束された yes! you are the winner

ワクワク出来るんだと ah 気づいた
never lose! 心で切る just like cards きっと

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