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Oct 03

Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc – Kamiiro Awase

Before your eyes, the pages of the untouchable future are turning
(If it can’t be touched, then slip on through)
It was just yesterday that the world was in harmony, but
(Therefore, it’s uncertain)
Despair and hope are still barely a hair’s width away
(We still sway with uncertainty and confusion)
But they are beloved, even if you weren’t able to see them
Let the darkness gently pull your hand

Jan 10

Norn9 – many universes

Since long ago, I’ve contemplated
The future that was next to me
What can I say,
What can I do,
To protect you
Until the end of time?

Nov 22

Rewrite – Koibumi

I felt like I could convey my memories inside of the song I left here
To continue expressing my feelings forever,
I put them inside this one feeling

“I love you”, and just that

Mar 03

Rewrite – Itsuwaranai Kimi e

Hey, what kind of life could you save?
With those eyes that never look ahead
I wonder what kinds of words
We should use to rewrite it and go on living?