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Oct 04

Digimon Adventure 02 – Shining Star

Shining Star, a holy light
Shining Star, shining in our hearts

Shining Star, We’ll continue to pray for
Shining Star, Our true wish

Apr 13

Digimon Adventure Tri – Ring

It’s like a Ring, how we talk of love,
Of tracing memories, of your smile
I fear the shadows of our tears
And that I may even lose my heart, as I wait for tomorrow

Feb 21

Digimon Adventure 02 – Yasashii Ame

Its good that it isn’t a violent rain
The sound of it falling forever
So I can grow big
Please give me strength

Feb 21

Digimon – Reflection

Your eyes were so pretty
You’d look back at me and then look away, but
I always felt your eyes on me
It’s my memories’ reflection