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Apr 04

Digimon Adventure Tri – You can

Right? You’ll be fine! Just remember
I’m always here with you, no matter when
I always believe in you
Like, when you can’t walk anymore
Or when you lose confidence
I will never leave your side! You can do it!
Haven’t you always been able to take action?

Jun 20

Digimon – Secret Rendezvous

Take a firm, deep breath Every day
Completely reset
the courage inside your chest, Go!
Firmly face forward and stick out your chest
The preparation of our hearts is perfectly complete
Let’s go, So Rendezvous

Apr 30

Naruto – Naruto Ondo

Taiko ga NARU TO utage no hajimari ASU MAde matenai wa
Kiba tte Gatsuuga Akamaru mo issho ni
Kikoete IRU KA? Utage ga hajimaru
ShikkaRII to Tenten aoide Hinata de odotte KURENAI?