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Nov 16

Digimon – Sorairo no Kaze

Let that sky-blue wind always be blowing
To give everyone, everyone courage
Just try turning back around – I’ll smile and nod at you
It’s okay, I’m here

I’ll gather that sky-blue wind in my heart
To give everyone, everyone a smile
When I load the tips of my toes with just a little bit of power
Let it fly up into the sky

Mar 31

Digimon Adventure Tri – Yume no Kanau Basho

My hand can’t reach you in the sky
But I will never forget the day I chased after it with you
No matter how far away the future is
The present where I am here with you connects us
I want to find a place in this world
Where dreams come true; I’m sure there,
However faint, are wings that shine golden

Jan 02

Digimon Adventure 02 – Shiny Days

As if someone suddenly called out my name
I want to stop, I want to turn around
That’s the way it is sometimes
I retraced my steps, wanting to make sure

I wonder how many wishes have come true?
How many tears have been shed?
The answer is still ever in the future
If it is waiting for me…

Dec 16

Digimon Adventure – Ashita wa Motto…

But if I’m alone in this world
And instead of tears vanishing, love vanishes too
I won’t hang my head, I will spread my wings
And tomorrow I’ll become closer to the dream I once embraced