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Jun 02

K-ON! – Sweet Bitter Beauty Song

You’re a teenager burdened with sensibility, but your heart beats so quickly
You’re afraid it’ll burst out of your chest

But aren’t we on the same stage?
Just that makes your courage boil, doesn’t it?
Whether it’s a low tone or high tone,
Everyone wants to be Singing so Loud, with a voice of triumph

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Unmei wa Endless!!

Hey, can this fortuitous encounter be called fate?
The answer is a smile and a full power session
We met by chance without passing each other by, it’s rather amazing
So if our pitches don’t match perfectly… that’s okay!! There!!

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Singing!

Let’s go even without a road
The notes we let go are our map!
The beats pound out an oath in our hearts
Yes, We Go! Yes, We Play!

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Ohayou, Mata Ashita

We don’t know! but you know, I’m sure
From here on out is the same as it’s been up till now
The first iteration
Crying, laughing, always
Playing new songs

Jan 26

K-ON! Movie – Ichiban Ippai

So, let’s go search for and meet our number one (Let’s go)
School – sound – song – tea – dessert
Even the hundredth number one is number one
A full heart, a full tummy (is happiness)
To satisfaction, together… we grin

There isn’t just one number one

Jan 26

K-ON!! – Drumming Shining My Life

*Thwack* *Bash*, I won’t stop!
*Pound*! This is my
Way of life – way of living – way of pleasure
I can’t go on little by little, I can’t pay attention to little details
Just let my hits and kicks resound, my life

Nov 23

K-ON!! – Tenshi ni Fureta yo!

But hey, we met one! A wonderful angel
Graduation isn’t the end
We’re buddies from here on out!
Pictures of us together
Our matching keychains
Will shine on forever
And always, we thank you for your smile

Sep 24

K-ON!! – Utauyo!!MIRACLE

I really love you!!
It’s a tension-rising lu-la-la Powerful Gig Time
My heart is, my heart is, an excitement-seeking genius
Even if I say “Huh!?” or start racking up misses
I want to set free my boiling bravery
On with the tremolo, followed by flam
Ain’t it awesome, ain’t it awesome, ain’t it awesome to feel so good
I’m always so happy, it’s the way “now” feels
Live on, fair maidens, with your bare instincts

Aug 10

K-ON!! – NO,Thank You!

NO, Thank you!! I don’t need memories
Because I’m strongly, deeply in love with the now
Being flooded with memories is a sweet, adult-like luxury
And yet… I wanna refrain from it

May 24

K-ON!! – Listen!!

We’ll sing, we’ll sing with the same feeling as ever
No matter how small this one song in the world is
We’ll live life to the fullest
So we won’t have regrets even if we die today
Release, passionately
This is our PRECIOUS Heart Beat
We’ll sing it

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