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Nov 09

Rewrite – Hetakuso na Uta

So listen to another song of mine
It sounds completely wrong, but
If I put my heart into it, it will definitely reach you
…Or so I thought, but maybe I was mistaken
I don’t understand anything anymore
Not even the reason I was with you

Nov 04

Rewrite – End of the World

Everything vanished in the light
Even then existence I call “me”
I just reach out my hands to hold your body
Let’s smile at the end
Even if the world comes to an end

Oct 07

Rewrite – Word of Dawn

I search for your voice while walking a road of illusions
To learn the origins of this planet, and that is all
Though a bitter taste remains in my mouth, it will become memories of the key
To you, who I will meet someday, at last, with a smile

I heard voices close to me; warm, yet sorrowful voices

Aug 02

Rewrite Harvest Festa! – Sasayaka na Hajimari

In worlds that overlap over and over, entrust your body to the passage of time
Let’s always continue walking ahead together

I won’t mind if it’s just something small – I won’t wish for something like eternity
Certainly, the fact that we are here now
Is happiness

Nov 30

Rewrite – Sunbright

If I cannot shine like the sun
I’ll bloom on one side! Like a sunflower
Is it wrong for me to want a picture of a happy future?
Lead me, I’m still a student…!

Nov 22

Rewrite – Koibumi

I felt like I could convey my memories inside of the song I left here
To continue expressing my feelings forever,
I put them inside this one feeling

“I love you”, and just that

Nov 09

Rewrite Harvest Festa! – Harvest

There’s something I want to convey to you – it’s just a tiny memory
If, supposing, this world is real
I’ll gather the fragments till the distant future of no return
I’ll hand them over to you, hey, let’s entwine our fingers

Nov 03

Rewrite – Yami no Kanata e

The lamp of the crescent moon, the shining stars,
And that lights of the town had all vanished
Even if I’m enveloped in darkness, even if I can no longer be seen,
I am by your side

Aug 09

Rewrite – CANOE

What lies outside our island? The girls and boy wondered
Using trees from the forest, they erected a tower,
Tall enough to overlook the horizon expanding beyond the sea
They made it this far because they aimed for a limitless dream

Aug 09

Rewrite – Philosophyz

If there is red blood flowing through my arm right now
I will turn around and take you by the hand
I’ll vow to the distant star that we will never be parted again
I’ll rewrite everything

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