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Nov 09

Love Live! School Idol Project – Blueberry Train

Oh dear, I’m going to be late
Oh no, dash to the station!
Am I going to have to appologize at the start of our first date?
Oh dear, that would be bad
Oh no, hurry up, train!
This anxious feeling is sour, Blue~berry Train

Oct 04

Love Live! School Idol Project – WAO-WAO Powerful Day

It’s not enough, not enough, we want more! (So!)
More time, that is! (More!)
Study real quick~
Because (that’s right!) There’s so much to do!
(Powerful) our bodies have two,
(Miracle) So we want three
(That’s right) So, we’ll dash and Go!
(With all your might) Go!

Jan 06

Love Live! School Idol Project – Anemone Heart

Anemone heart, my lonely heart
The tears of a flower that blooms alone
Look at me more – I am here
Anemone heart, love runs throughout my body
Someday, our heartbeats of love will touch

Mar 03

Love Live School Idol Project – Spica Terrible

My present… future… are within you
My wishes burst out of me
I can’t say them, but because they won’t disappear
They knock on my door
I want to open it… but… I’m scared
It’s scary opening it
So as to not awaken from the dream I have yet to see, I’m frightened
The terribleness of that star

Feb 18

Love Live School Idol Project – Kokuhaku Biyori, desu!

It’s finally sunny, it’s fervently sunny
And so I’ll be cheerful
Rather than saying “good morning”, I’ll hit you on the back
And say, “let’s go!”
When it’s finally sunny, when it’s fervently sunny
I’m sure you’ll have a cheerful smile
For some reason, I’m feeling lonely right now