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Jan 11

Love Live! School Idol Project – Futari Happiness

I am always counting all of the wonderful things I see with you
I feel like the loving heartbeat I received from you
Is always protecting me – I wanted to tell you,
So I tried pulling on your arm

Jan 10

Love Live! School Idol Project – Otohime Heart de Love Kyuuden

A story once upon a time, in a legendary palace
The gentleman in love, in love
Ah, was not to return (so it was decided)
Tonight, tonight’s story is the resurrection of that legend
You are sure to fall in love, fall in love
That’s right, you came here for me
Forget everything else; let’s dance and sway
Forget everything else…!

Dec 02

Love Live! School Idol Project – ? ←HEARTBEAT

We don’t even have time to spare to be thankful
We’re still surprised, a ?←HEARTBEAT
Surely this happiness came too suddenly
We can’t manage to move forward from the question mark
So, what do we do?

Feb 18

Love Live School Idol Festival – Otome Shiki Ren’ai Juku

Cruel, cruel, don’t do such cruel things
Hey hey! (Be serious!)
Put those jokes in your your pocket! (Resolve to be serious)
With a scary, scary, scary face I’ll scold you for your pranks
Hey hey! (Be serious!)
You’re so lovely when you’re serious
So let’s kiss! (Is that cruel?) Just kidding!

Feb 18

Love Live School Idol Project – Moshimo Kara Kitto

I’m sure…
We were fated to meet; even if we part
I’m sure… I’m sure there are signs everywhere that today is a shining day

And then, our dreams gave everyone their wings
I’m always surrounded by so many smiles
So that we’ll never forget these precious feelings
I want to embrace them, I’m wanting to embrace them

Jan 05

Love Live School Idol Project – A-No-Ne-Ga-N-Ba-Re!

Hey there!
Maybe our ways of doing our best are different?
Don’t fret all by your lonesome
Being sad is boring
Doing your best for just your own sake
Is so exhausting
Let’s embrace someone else’s smile
And create the future together!

Dec 15

Love Live School Idol Project – Jun’ai Lens

Believe… The moment your heart pounded
You see, your meeting was not chosen, it was by chance
Believe… Cut around it with your lens of pure love
The dazzling of his smile is the very best
I can feel the power of your feelings… I’m rooting for you!