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Jan 11

Love Live! School Idol Project – Futari Happiness

I am always counting all of the wonderful things I see with you
I feel like the loving heartbeat I received from you
Is always protecting me – I wanted to tell you,
So I tried pulling on your arm

Jan 10

Love Live! School Idol Project – Otohime Heart de Love Kyuuden

A story once upon a time, in a legendary palace
The gentleman in love, in love
Ah, was not to return (so it was decided)
Tonight, tonight’s story is the resurrection of that legend
You are sure to fall in love, fall in love
That’s right, you came here for me
Forget everything else; let’s dance and sway
Forget everything else…!

Feb 18

Love Live School Idol Project – Mermaid Festa Vol.2

A sweet Fruits dance, little by little the rhythm changes
Hey, you’re looking at me
You have to catch me, but I won’t turn around
I want to be chased
But I won’t say it, but I can’t say it…

See ya?
Let’s turn around, and around, and around
Let’s dance around and around

Jan 05

Love Live School Idol Project – A-No-Ne-Ga-N-Ba-Re!

Hey there!
Maybe our ways of doing our best are different?
Don’t fret all by your lonesome
Being sad is boring
Doing your best for just your own sake
Is so exhausting
Let’s embrace someone else’s smile
And create the future together!

Dec 31

Love Live School Idol Project – Beat in Angel

Beat in Angel
Have fun, even if it’s just for now
For real!? Angel
My needle won’t hurt, won’t hurt at all
If you gaze gently into my eyes, the Passion will make you numb
Don’t run away, prepare yourself
A feather-covered Angel Beat

Jul 06

Love Live School Idol Project – after school NAVIGATORS

I want to say “Isn’t this fun?” every day
This moment is a happy one, though just a little
Don’t you want to say “this is fun” every day?
We’re friends so we can share, “It tastes soooo delicious!”
Munch-munch, we can’t stop
Scarf-scarf, you want seconds, right?
Gulp-gulp, we have the same timing
after school, We are NAVIGATORS