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Mar 17

Golden Time – Haneikyuuteki ni Ai shite yo

Love me semi-permanently♡ I’ll lose interest after 5000 years
I’m not endless, after all – I’ll die one day, you know?
Even if you tell me you’ll love me forever ♡ I won’t be happy
To begin with, I’ll consider it if you just love me until I die ♡

Mar 17

Golden Time – The♡World’s♡End

Your words illuminate my world more than anyone elses’
Next to you, “goodbye” is really “I love you”, you see…
I can’t be honest… Even though it is just me singing of loneliness
I can’t smile… “thank you” is really “I want you”, you see…
Your dreams illuminate me more than anything else
Like, even if you become anxious when we cuddle
My heart won’t break… even if we break up one night
I won’t run away… this is an endless “I love you”, you see…
The World’s End of love in my heart…

Nov 11

Golden Time – Sweet&Sweet CHERRY

In one hand I have my favorite, sweetened cafe late
The moment I smile I smell the fragrance of love
I want to choose something perfect – the cherry-colored dress
Feeling refreshed, with my heart pounding, I rush to you

Nov 11

Golden Time – Golden Time

The moment we meet eye-to-eye became so painful it was almost fun
If we lose focus, the dawn will chase us down right away
(Let’s get together)
hand in hand let’s go party night!
The beating of my heart won’t stop
I won’t ever forget laughing and crying with you in my memories

Nov 23

Toradora! – silky heart

When I met you, I realized
My silky heart seemed so torn
Since I’m so clumsy with love
The scars of love I thought I’d forgotten
Suddenly twinged in pain
Someday, I gotta tell you I love you, in a way
That suits me… or I’ll be even weaker than I am now

Feb 21

Kashimashi – Michishirube Yasuna Ver

Let’s get over the sadness
and be happy
Can I trust in a world
Where I can’t see what’s ahead?
The smile you gave me when we met, somehow, don’t let it disappear
I promise you, “I’ll be fine,”
The future is coming

Nov 07

School Rumble – Feel My Feeling

A boy’s heartfelt confession
It’s not that I hate that sort of thing, but then, you know…
Before I know it there’s a huge crowd staring at me
There’s no hard feelings, but, you know…

Oct 15

School Rumble – Scramble

Spinning round ‘n round, spinning round ‘n round
Spinning round ‘n round, spinning round ‘n round
Dizzily, I want to fly into your heart
Spinning round ‘n round, spinning round ‘n round
Spinning round ‘n round, spinning round ‘n round
Lightly, I’m floating all alone above the clouds again today

Oct 01

School Rumble – School Rumble 4 Ever

This wholehearted feeling is about to snap, its rumbling
It’s so thick everyday
It’s the best way to get everyone together
School, School

Oct 01

School Rumble Ni Gakki – DEPENDENCE

Like the sky that goes onto tomorrow
Ever changing colors
I wonder if I’m changing little by little
From my usually strong self

The road that goes on to the future
Give me the courage to step onto it
I’ll always remember
All of your words
And continue walking on