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Oct 04

Love Live! School Idol Project – WAO-WAO Powerful Day

It’s not enough, not enough, we want more! (So!)
More time, that is! (More!)
Study real quick~
Because (that’s right!) There’s so much to do!
(Powerful) our bodies have two,
(Miracle) So we want three
(That’s right) So, we’ll dash and Go!
(With all your might) Go!

Jan 12

Nitta Emi – Emusic

I wanted to be free, so I longed for wings
But before I knew it my singing voice had turned into the feathers
Happiness is a smiling melody, welling up in my heart
More and more! More and more!!
I want to feel it with everyone, I want to feel the moment
So, say it: EMUSIC!