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Nov 16

Digimon – Sorairo no Kaze

Let that sky-blue wind always be blowing
To give everyone, everyone courage
Just try turning back around – I’ll smile and nod at you
It’s okay, I’m here

I’ll gather that sky-blue wind in my heart
To give everyone, everyone a smile
When I load the tips of my toes with just a little bit of power
Let it fly up into the sky

Feb 21

Digimon – Reflection

Your eyes were so pretty
You’d look back at me and then look away, but
I always felt your eyes on me
It’s my memories’ reflection

Oct 01

Digimon – Tomadoi

Because I always want us to be together…

Quietly, like the powdery snow as it piles up
That kind smile of yours wrapped around me
How is it? I don’t understand, this lovely feeling
So painfully strikes my chest and I became aware of it

Oct 01

Digimon – My Style

If I could be granted a single wish
Please give me wings
I would soon fly to your side
Because there’s something I want to express
The way I am

Oct 01

Digimon – Itsuka no Iro

But when, and why? Why is it?
Girls become honest, then take roundabout ways
Teach me, Teach me, I have to love too
And things will seem as sweet as chocolate
In the clear future, I want to know that truth