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Oct 04

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Luminous

I followed the hope I summoned, past the world, frozen still
And before I knew it, my feelings of persistence connected with your heart
I’ve been crying, but I’ll face toward tomorrow, smiling
Even if the vow I pledged is painful and destroys me
It’s all for protecting your heart
I’ll be by your side?

Nov 09

OreImo – Nexus

Hey, the kindness I received from you that one day
Day by day stifled the familiar feelings I had
I’ll tie together the lines
Between the gap that has always separated us
I won’t ever be able to repay you for all the treasures you’ve given me
But don’t look away, I’ll sing only for you

Oct 25

Puella Magi Madoka Magica ~Rebellion~ – Colorful

The heart of mine you touched shined, becoming a brilliant color
So I took flight, carrying my hopes on my back,
And assembled them underneath the sky that extends forever
If you go on protecting those wishes
You can go on to a tomorrow no one knows

Nov 09

OreImo 2 – reunion

I’ll hold hands with you again
You’ll dream with me again
We’re covered in wounds, but let’s embrace the moment
And begin again
I’ll talk with you again
And you’ll laugh with me again
The tomorrow that is still a bud
Will bloom when I’m near you

Apr 30

OreImo – irony

Don’t be so nice to me
See, we’ve hurt each other again
The lies that have piled up have even made me unable to move
Don’t look at me that way
How am I supposed to react to that?
I’ve been hesitating this whole time, so I wonder
If I’ll be able to laugh someday